Healing the Symptoms of What Is Known as Autism

Healing the Symptoms of What Is Known as Autism

Healing the Symptoms of What Is Known as Autism – Autism, not the one described by Kanner in 1943, but the one that we see today diagnosed in 1 of 50 kids is a combination of immune disorders that need to be treated biomedically.

There is a lot that we still need to understand about why and how these immune dysfunctions affect our kids’ development, causing near complete impairment of their social interaction and communication.

There is a long, hard road ahead to fully comprehend the integrated system that comprises “autism,” but our kids cannot wait. It takes more than just medical, professional, or even scientific interests working hard day and night to find a suitable and effective solution to help our kids.

It takes drive, passion, and guts to do the right thing; to hear and read the overwhelming stories of parents from all over the world and not turn our backs, but help. It takes an eternal and extreme will to help, even when your own child is on the spectrum.

Kerri’s protocols have been indispensable to the full recovery of many of the kids in our Curando el Autismo (CEA) Foundation. These protocols represent a readily available and effective solution to alleviate most of the pathogenic insults to the immune system.

Years from now, when “autism” diagnoses do not exist, when we find ourselves fully knowledgeable about the now mysterious immune-brain-behavior connection, I will remember Kerri not only as a friend but as one of the first courageous…


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