Franchising Basics

Franchising Basics

How to Get Started with Your Franchise Business

Franchising BasicsWhat is a Franchise? There are many different types of business opportunities but one of the opportunities that many people seize on a regular basis is the chance to create a genuine revenue stream by owning part of the company.

These are actually most always called owning stock in the company, but there is also another way to look at this scenario as well. If you have ever wondered exactly what a franchise is but have never really had the opportunity to explore everything that went along with it, here is the perfect chance to learn about everything you wanted to know about starting a franchise!

The Franchise Experience

What exactly is a franchise, though? Simply put, a franchise is an extension of another company; they use the same signs, advertising methods, products, and services of the company that it was derived from.

Virtually any type of business is able to be franchised if the terms are set forth in the company contract. For example, restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and even Wendy’s have the ability to be franchised.

Other stores, such as Starbucks, specialty retail stores, as well as plenty of other restaurants and stores have the ability to create a franchise of themselves. In other words, franchises are essentially clones of the company, but the franchise owner is  able to make separate decisions apart from the company itself.

Owning a franchise, though, shouldn’t be confused with owning an actual store of the business. Depending on what the franchise is and where it is located, one might have more luck owning an actual store of the business than he or she would with owning a franchise! However, that issue is debatable, but a franchise owner is able to experience all of the same situations as the company owners are.

Even though the company that had a franchise created of themselves still has some control over the franchise itself, such as the specific foods that are used if the franchise is a restaurant, there are some decisions that the franchise owner can make that will have no impact on the company as a whole.

For example, franchise owners are typically allowed to change the seating style in his or her restaurant or store, as well as the prices of the products themselves. In certain cases, certain aspects about the products can also be changed with the consent of the company.

If you own a franchise, though, the best thing to do would be to contact the company itself to make sure you are allowed to make changes without negating the whole contract!

All in all, franchises are great experiences to have and there are all sorts of benefits one can enjoy from owning one. They are definitely great opportunities to take advantage of if you have the capital to get started!

Franchises are essentially clones of another company, and in this way franchise owners are able to make most of the decisions and experience the whole business on their own!

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CHAPTER 2 The Many Types of Franchises

Fast Food Restaurants

Office Supply Franchises

Popular Franchise Companies

The McDonald’s Franchise

Burger King is Much More

CHAPTER 3 The Advantages of Owning a Franchise

Use of the Company’s Whole Reputation

The Ability to Change

CHAPTER 4 Why Franchises are Good Investments

Just Plug It In!

Copyright Ownership

Possibility of Profit in the First Year

CHAPTER 5 The Downside to Owning a Franchise

CHAPTER 6 Starting Your Own Franchise

The Market around You’

The Competition

Growth Potential

CHAPTER 7 Researching a Franchise Opportunity

An Independent Franchise

Authority Resources

Franchise Brokers

CHAPTER 8 Choosing a Franchise

Your Interests

Opening your own Store!

CHAPTER 9 Learning to Manage a Franchise

CHAPTER 10 The Online Franchise Experience

What is an Online Franchise?’

The Benefits of an Online Franchise

CHAPTER 11 Starting a Coffee Shop Franchise

CHAPTER 12 The Best Franchise Companies

The UPS Store


Got Junk

CHAPTER 13 Creating a Successful Franchise Opportunity

Spell Out Everything!

CHAPTER 14 What to Do if your Franchise Fails

Getting Help from Experts

Third-Party Help

Banks and Credit Unions

CHAPTER 15 Alternatives to Owning a Franchise

The Franchise Partnership

CHAPTER 16 FAQs about Franchises

CHAPTER 17 Resources and Help for your Franchise Business

The Company Headquarters

Other Franchise Owners

Internet Resources

Of course, there are plenty of other resources that one has at one’s disposal as well and it’s called “surfing the web” to find your answers. Granted, there is a lot of useless information scattered throughout the internet, but if a franchise owner is careful enough then chances are that he or she can find the exact piece of information he is looking for by doing a worldwide search of the internet.

Practically any question that you have about owning your own  franchise can be answered on the internet, but the trick is to  knowing just what search terms to input in order to find the answer!

All in all, though, owning a franchise does take a lot of hard work and dedication and no one has ever said that owning a
franchise is easy. But being prepared for the long road ahead by  having all of your ducks in a row and resources in order chances are that you’ll be able to receive great help and support  in no time!

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