Unlock Your Wealth DNA

Unlock Your Wealth DNA

By Alex Maxwell

Unlock Your Wealth DNA – Financial surplus is everyone’s aspiration. This is so because we are somehow hard-wired to pursue it. But the fact that it is everyone’s goal, it appears that only a few people accomplish it.

The most common reason why many people can’t achieve this is a lack of financial education, especially knowledge of wealth creation and money management.

Lack of financial knowledge has been the reason many people are stuck financially, and not because they are not making an effort. For instance, it is difficult for someone who has a wrong notion about money and wealthy people to make a financial turnaround. The reason for that is not far-fetched. They have negative attitudes toward money, which has affected how they relate to money.

As far as attracting financial surplus is concerned, knowledge is a critical factor. Unfortunately, some people believe getting a job or starting a business is all they need to attract wealth in abundance. But the truth is you need a sustainable structure that makes money work for you instead of the other way round, and this is a function of financial literacy.

It’s good to know everything works by principle. This doesn’t exclude wealth creation. In other words, one becomes wealthy without following roadmap strategies and principles. These structures provide the support they need to make the change they want.

This book is handy in providing the essential tips and strategies you need to move to the next level financially.

So, please sit back and have a nice time reading this informative masterpiece as it takes you through all that you need to become wealthy and stay wealthy.

Chapter 1: Stop the Limiting Belief

The way we believe about things in our lives influences the way we interact with them. Today, many are short of basic things not because they have no capacity to get them but because they hold a wrong notion about them.

This is especially true about how people make or interact with money. For some people, money is the initiator of everything that’s evil. That is a big mistake. Money doesn’t have some sort of morality. So, it can’t determine what is good or what is not.

Excessive and unbridled passion or love for money is the basis of evil. It’s not money itself. Some even think making money is one of the hardest things to do. It is scarce and all that. It’s sad that many people buy into that myth, and they got choked financially for life.

One thing about money belief is that you may not notice you have it. But consciously and unconsciously, they influence your financial decision. In fact, they greatly affect your entire financial health. Those things you were taught in school.

The things you heard your parent say about money and what you grew up learning from people you esteem dearly may be the
reason why you are broke. Are you surprised? Yes, they might be major obstacles keeping you from getting rich.

That’s why you must pause and consider how they have greatly influenced your financial decision. Without that, you might not get it right financially.

Read Much More Inside…

Chapter 2: Getting Into the Millionaire Fastlane

Chapter 3: Some Wealth Building Secret’s You Need to Know

Chapter 4: 5 Basic Principles of Attracting Wealth Surplus 


On a final note, manifesting abundance becomes easier when you heal your root chakra. Healing your root chakra means removing all blockages and releasing all the negative mindset holding you back from attracting true wealth.

But first, you must identify your root chakra’s significant blockages and learn how to heal them using our best energy healing method. Each healing practice you will be expounded on will help you to shift from negative money belief that promotes scarcity to the abundant mindset that attracts wealth surplus.

Shifting your money mindset and energy is the step leading to unblocking your root chakra.

You wouldn’t know how helpful it would be until you get it done on time. So many people are stuck for life trying to figure out why there are more dreamers than action takers. The truth is, to manifest any idea into reality, you must believe it. You must also trust the process that will get you there.

Today, we have plenty of people swimming in ideas, but there are only a few ones living their dream in the realm of fantasy. This is because only a few understand the power of chakras. So many knew something had to change, but only a few knew how to harness the power flow, energy, and spirituality and get the change they wanted.

Attracting financial prosperity is easy when you learn to harness the power of flow, energy, and spirituality. It brings balance to your life and gives you the clarity you need to pursue your financial goals. There’s no time to waste; learn more now!

In all, reading this book has not only revealed the secrets of sustainable income to you, but it has also enhanced your understanding of how money belief can affect the way you relate to money.

Over time, most people are unaware of how instrumental their perception of money can affect the way they relate to it. As a result, they held on to certain misconceptions about money, which limited their financial capacity for a long time.

But for you, the case is different now. This book has made you see the impact of limiting beliefs on your finances. You were taught how you easily get into the Millionaire’s Fastlane to attract wealth surplus.

Most importantly, this handy material expounded key secrets that attract financial abundance so that you can learn and use them for a change of level financially. Undoubtedly, the five basic principles shared in it have helped you keep your windfall of cash. It also excludes you from the list of those who lose more than 70% of their income due to a lack of financial education.

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