How To Remove Your Fear of Death Forever

How To Remove Your Fear of Death Forever

Marc Stewart

How To Remove Your Fear of Death Forever – I am going to tell you about life after death. It is a search term placed into Google over 65,000 times a month. This is not going to be what you suspect.

There are no ghosts or spirits in the closet or souls left behind. Or Adam and Eve lying in the grave waiting for Jesus to arrive.

In the sleep spoken about in the Bible after you die. You sleep and dream of what for you is your idea of heaven. You will see the second coming as “be it unto you as you believe”.

And when you awaken it will be because you have arrived at the place and dream state you loved the most. Only this time when you look in a mirror you are younger or older if you passed over as a child.

Many people want to know what heaven is like. But first some groundwork and the sowing of the seeds of this beautiful plant called death (change). Which is well and truly in full bloom in my life already.

As I already have “life after death” information in communication with me and I with it. In the form of contact with my wife who has always been my soul mate ever since she was my teenage play mate.

God loves Hollywood movies and works His thoughts as a flow of creativity through the mind of the writer or writers as is often the case these days for the best movies. Being where two or more are gathered in my name I (creativity) shall be there.

The Star Trek movie Insurrection gives at its opening a look into an everyday pastoral village scene likened unto the real next life. And the movie Star Trek Generations shows and tells of the next life by way of the Nexus (the next us/you).

My wife is not in heaven but in another dimension through the looking glass so to speak. Being another Earth like planet no different to this one called Omaron. Except it knows no disease and no violence. In God’s Divine Language. The word DEATH translates to the word CHANGE. Nothing more than this. The Death transition is a simple one.

I personally have always sought after getting closer to finding out all about God. Around thirty I had God making direct contact with me. But I told God He’d have to wait. Eventually after a period of some weeks.

I said to God ok what is it you want? He said he wanted me to find a way to bring everyone on the planet to him without using the names of any other type of God or religion and so forth except for Himself as Almighty God.

In essence He was fed up with the confusion of the Trinity and Allah here, Buddha here, of Hindu’s here, of the I’m a Christian here. I was only allowed to use the name God or terms such as the subconscious mind or Infinite Intelligence.

Well all of this is water under the bridge now. My paperback “How To Have That One Big Idea” is the result of this covenant I entered into with God that day. It is the result of my promise to do all I could, after a simple yes, I would do it. It is available from Amazon.

I have spent many years researching the best way to heal medical problems and how to remove the capacity for violence from the world. In the meantime, I had raised by myself my two daughters from the time they were in nappies.

For many years as God alone knew. I had refused to date women as I did not want the girls to be disappointed or confused if this or the latest woman came into and then left our home.

To me I am a one-woman man. Being a lover of all women of a certain mental attribute . . . creativity. She must be an artist of some kind.



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