Spirituality Living from the Human Spirit

Spirituality Living from The Human Spirit


By Neal I. Fox

Let us try something different. This introduction will summarize the main points of the entire book in just a few pages. If the Reader already understands the summarized information, and does not require the supporting discussion and references, or want a deeper level of understanding about spirituality, then there would be no need to read the entire book. Fair enough?

But you may be surprised, because this is one of the most confused subjects in the Bible, and the root causes go back over 400 years. It is the entire purpose of this book to make the subject of Biblical spirituality clear because it is so important and also very widely misunderstood.

At the most foundational level, spirituality requires living out of the human spirit, not out of the human soul, although very few understand what that means. Never heard of the human spirit? You are not alone.

Most believers, including many pastors and theologians, do not understand the human spirit. And it is not another name for our soul, or a generic reference to our entire immaterial inner human.

The human spirit exists alongside the soul as a separate, distinct, and very specific component of our inner self which only believers in Jesus Christ possess, and it makes us capable of interacting with God, since He is Spirit, and the Bible says it takes spirit to interact with Spirit.

It is reborn when we are “born again” at salvation, because it died when the original humans sinned, causing them to die spiritually, and also their descendants. Therefore, only those humans who are saved by faith in Jesus Christ have a human spirit, which means unbelievers do not have one.

And only believers can be spiritual since they have both a soul and human spirit, while unbelievers have only a soul. However, simply having a human spirit as the foundation of our spiritual life does not automatically provide spirituality. Achieving spirituality is the reason we remain on earth after salvation.

But why is there such a lack of understanding regarding spirituality? And how does the human spirit lead us into a state of spirituality? Explaining these issues is the purpose of this book and makes it worth reading since spirituality must be developed, and that requires knowledge of the subject.

The Bible describes spirituality as more than simply having eternal salvation, although that is a necessary first step because salvation provides regeneration or rebirth of the human spirit.

Rather, spirituality is using God’s power from inside the human spirit, which must first be filled with spiritual information found only in the Bible if it is to function properly. Therefore, the power source of spirituality is the Word of God, but only when it is inside our human spirit, not simply inside our soul as with general information.

At this point we can define spirituality as living out of our human spirit using the power of the Word of God to have a right relationship with God. This is counter to living from a soul filled with human learning and backed by the sinful nature in conformity with the thinking and desires of the world.

And it is important to note that spirituality is not continuous, because all believers sin and fail. But when we fail, we must regain our focus on God and His plan, to live by faith in Him through our human spirit and make progress toward a closer relationship with God and our Savior. It is also important to understand that our eternal rewards will be based on the level of spirituality we achieve.

There is a big difference between the soul and human spirit, although both are immaterial. All humans are born with a soul, but without a human spirit. That is the primary consequence of the original sin of Adam and Eve, that they lost their human spirits, and also chose the same fate for all their descendants.

The human spirit is only regained (regenerated) at salvation
through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, and this is what being “born again” means.

At that moment the human spirit is regenerated by the Holy Spirit, making the person a spiritual being, but without spirituality because the human spirit is imparted as an empty  vessel.

In order to actually use the human spirit, it must be filled up with spiritual information, since a spiritual vessel can only contain and use something which is also spiritual.



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