Your immune system is vital for preventing and fighting off diseases. This is especially important with the current coronavirus pandemic.

Our lifestyles usually dictate the health of our immune system and if you want to improve this vital component of your body then you need to be prepared to make some difficult changes.

Boosting your immune system starts by understanding what it does and how it works. We have a chapter on this that explains everything in a simple to understand way. Once you know how much your immune system protects you, it will be easier for you to make the changes that you need to make.

Some things in life cause harm to your immune system and if you indulge in these then you need to stop. Smoking and drinking alcohol are high on the list here which will probably not surprise you. But there are other things that you need to avoid as well that we cover in detail.

The right diet will provide the nutrients and vitamins that your immune system needs to stay in tip top condition and work hard for you. Changing your diet is a big step to take, but if you are eating the wrong things then you need to do this for the sake of your immune system.

There are supplements available that can provide essential vitamins and minerals that perhaps your diet cannot. We provide you with all of the information that you need to know about supplements in this guide.

Stress can negatively impact your immune system and we have a whole chapter dedicated to how you can reduce the stress in your life. Exercising regularly and getting the right amount of sleep are also very important and we cover this off for you as well.

Keeping your body clear of toxins is something else that will help your immune system and we have some great detoxification techniques for you in this guide. Finally, we explain why essential oils are beneficial for your immune system and the best ones to use.


Do you always find that when the colds and flu do the rounds you seem to get them while others around you are unaffected? If this is the case for you then you should definitely take steps to strengthen your immune system.

Most people seem to pay more attention to their immune systems during the winter months, when colds and the flu are at peak levels. But you need to understand that your immune system works hard for you every day of the year and it does a lot more than just protect you from colds and flu.

Your Immune System is very Precious

Every one of us has this wonderful thing called an immune system designed to keep us healthy and well. It protects us 24/7 without us even realizing it. There are a number of things that you can do to boost your immune system as you will discover in later chapters of this guide.

But there are also a number of things that can damage your immune system and its ability to protect you against bacteria, pathogens and viruses. At the time of writing this guide, the world is gripped by the coronavirus pandemic so having a strong immune system is vital.

Do you have a Weak Immune System?

A lot of people have weak immune systems and don’t even know it. If you do have a weakened immune system, then you must do something about it fast. There are a few signs that you can watch out for to see if your immune system is weak:

Diseases that Weaken the Immune System

There are some diseases that will weaken your immune system. Some of these are really well known such as AIDS and HIV. These are auto-immune diseases that can significantly damage your immune system unless you get the right treatment.

Some cancers will weaken your immune system too. There are also people that are born with disorders affecting their immune systems that make them more deficient than other people’s. At the time of writing there was no cure for this type of disorder so anyone that has this must manage it for life.

Getting the same Infections over and over

If you get the same infections over and over again on a regular basis then this is definitely a sign of a weakened immune system. For people with normal or strong immune systems, getting these infections will only occur a small number of times in their life.

To be more specific, do you regularly suffer from a strep throat or pneumonia? If so then this probably means that your immune system is weaker than it should be. Another sign is frequent problems with your digestive system.

It is also possible that more common ailments such as diarrhea, a lack of appetite and stomach pains on a regular basis could point to a weakened immune system. A large proportion of your immune system covers your digestive system, so if all is not well here then your immune system could be weak.

Low Energy Levels

In some people, low energy levels are an indicator that there is a weakness in their immune system. The reason for this is that your body is spending much more energy than it should do ensuring that your immune system works as hard as possible for you. If you are sleeping well then a weak immune system could be the reason that your energy levels are down.



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