Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

How to Lose Your Mind and Create A New One

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Early physicists divided the world into matter and thought, and later, matter and energy. Each member of those pairs was considered to be entirely separate from the other … but they’re not!

Nevertheless, this mind/matter duality shaped our early worldview—that reality was essentially predetermined, and that people could do little to change things through their own actions, let alone their thoughts.

Fast-forward to our current understanding—that we are part of a vast, invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and our feelings. Just as today’s scientists are exploring the relationship between thought and matter, we are eager to do the same in our own lives. And so, we ask ourselves, Can I use my mind to create my reality? If so, is that a skill that we can learn and use to become who we want to be, and create the life we want to experience?

Let’s face it—none of us is perfect. Whether we’d like to make some change to our physical self, emotional self, or spiritual self, we all have the same desire: we want to live life as an idealized version of who we think and believe we can be. When we stand in front of the mirror and look at our love handles, we don’t just see that slightly too-pudgy vision reflected in the glass. We also see, depending on our mood that day, a slimmer, fitter version of ourselves or a heavier, chunkier version. Which of our images is real?

When we lie in bed at night reviewing our day and our efforts to be a more tolerant, less reactive person, we don’t just see the parent who lashed out at our child for failing to quietly and quickly submit to a simple request. We envision either an angelic self whose patience was stretched like an innocent victim on the rack or a hideous ogre laying waste to a child’s self-esteem. Which of those images is real?

The answer is: all of them are real—and not just those extremes, but an infinite spectrum of images ranging from positive to negative. How can that be? For you to better understand why none of those versions of self is more or less real than the others, I’m going to have to shatter the outmoded understanding about the fundamental nature of reality and replace it with a new one.

That sounds like a major undertaking, and in some ways it is, but I also know this: The most likely reason why you were drawn to this book is that your past efforts to make any lasting change in your life—physical, emotional, or spiritual—have fallen short of the ideal of yourself that you imagined. And why those efforts failed has more to do with your beliefs about why your life is the way it is than with anything else, including a perceived lack of will, time, courage, or imagination.

Always, in order to change, we have to come to a new understanding of self and the world so that we can embrace new knowledge and have new experiences.

That is what reading this book will do for you.

Your past shortfalls can be traced, at their root, to one major oversight: you haven’t committed yourself to living by the truth that your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.

The fact is that we are all blessed; we all can reap the benefits of our constructive efforts. We don’t have to settle for our present reality; we can create a new one, whenever we choose to. We all have that ability, because for better or worse, our thoughts do influence our lives.

I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I wonder whether most people really believe this statement on a gut level. If we truly embraced the notion that our thoughts produce tangible effects in our lives, wouldn’t we strive to never let one thought slip by us that we didn’t want to experience? And wouldn’t we focus our attention on what we want, instead of continually obsessing about our problems?

Think about it: if you really knew that this principle were true, would you ever miss a day intentionally creating your desired destiny?

To Change Your Life, Change Your Beliefs about the Nature of Reality

I hope this book will shift your view of how our world operates, convince you that you are more powerful than you knew, and inspire you to demonstrate the understanding that what you think and believe has a profound effect on your world.

Until you break from the way you see your present reality, any change in your life will always be haphazard and transitory. You have to overhaul your thinking about why things happen in order to produce enduring and desired outcomes. To do that, you’ll need to be open to a new interpretation of what is real and true.

To help you shift into this mode of thought and begin to create a life of your choosing, I have to begin with a bit of cosmology (the study of the structure and dynamics of the universe). But don’t be alarmed—we’re merely going to skim through “The Nature of Reality 101” and how some of our views about it have evolved to reach our present understanding. All of this is to explain (of necessity, in a brief and simple way) how it is possible that your thoughts shape your destiny.

This chapter just might test your willingness to abandon ideas that have in a sense been programmed into you for many years on a conscious and subconscious level. Once you gain a new conception of the fundamental forces and elements that constitute reality, it won’t fit into that old perception in which the linear and the orderly rule the day. Be prepared to experience some fundamental shifts in understanding.

In fact, as you begin to embrace this new outlook, your very makeup as a human being will change. It is my wish that you will no longer be the same person you were when you began.

Obviously, I’m about to challenge you, but I want you to know that I’m entirely empathetic, because I too have had to let go of what I thought was true and leap into the unknown. To ease into this new way of thinking about the nature of our world, let’s see how our worldview was shaped by the early belief that mind and matter were separate things.

Here’s What’s Included…

Part I: The Science of You

Chapter 1: The Quantum You

Chapter 2: Overcoming Your Environment

Chapter 3: Overcoming Your Body

Chapter 4: Overcoming Time

Chapter 5: Survival vs. Creation

Part II: Your Brain and Meditation

Chapter 6: Three Brains Thinking to Doing to Being

Chapter 7: The Gap

Chapter 8: Meditation, Demystifying the Mystical, And Waves of Your Future

Part III: Stepping Towards Your New Destiny

Chapter 9: The Meditative Process: Introduction and Preparation

Chapter 10: Open the Door to Your Creative State (Week 1) Step 1: Induction

Chapter 11: Prune Away the Habit of Being Yourself (Week 2)

Step 2: Recognizing

Step 3: Admitting and Declaring

Step 4: Surrendering

Chapter 12: Dismantle the Memory of the Old You (Week 3)

Step 5: Observing and Reminding

Step 6: Redirecting

Chapter 13: Create A New Mind for Your New Future (Week 4)

Step 7: Creating and Rehearsing

Chapter 14: Demonstrating and Being Transparent Living Your New Reality

Afterward: Inhabit Self 

And Much More…

Read Much More Inside… 

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