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If we were to identify one common wish that unites humanity, it’s probably the desire to live as long as possible. A long, healthy and happy life has been one of man’s major pursuits since the dawn of history.

The ancient Egyptians relied on magic spells and strange herbal mixtures thought to prolong life and even achieve immortality. Ancient explorers went on perilous quests in hopes of finding the mythical “fountain of youth”. Alchemists through the ages experimented with a range of substances to create the elixir of life. Some of these substances were highly toxic!

Many more myths have continued to abound and even today are believed by some people in our modern culture. One such myth is drinking powdered gold. Interestingly, another myth is that early retirement promotes longevity (this could make sense but sadly there’s no evidence to back it up!).

What does real science tell us? A huge volume of research has concluded that a healthy lifestyle is the mainstay of a longer life span. More specifically, it is the type of food we eat that can delay aging and keep us vibrant and active well into our eighties and beyond.

These in-depth studies have further found that specific foods contain powerful anti-aging components as well as amazing nutrients – hence, the term “superfoods” was invented.

Living longer requires nothing more than adding superfoods to your diet and consuming them on a regular basis. This book will discuss 10 of these most potent superfoods and how they can help you defy the aging process.

The more you eat of them, the more years you will be adding to your life. And here’s an added bonus: not only will you live longer but these superfoods will also boost your overall immunity and strengthen your physical and mental health.

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