99+RULES TO THE STREETS -The main aim of this e-book is to enlighten and educate every young hustler about the rules and codes to abide by when in the streets. After doing a lot of readings and research, I had to come to the conclusion that the best way to live and the best way to change our society is to live by the street codes.

I’m also stating the rules to the streets from my experiences. I have been in the streets for over five summers, I can tell you the little I know and finally, I’m not just writing it, I’ve seen it and experienced it.

Rule Number 1: Always know that there’s nothing or nobody bigger than GOD.

Rule Number 2: Keep it real with your family.

Rule Number 3: It’s okay to cut off your men’s or your friends if he talks behind your back.

Rule Number 4: It’s okay to cut off your folks or your men’s or your friends if they are leeching on you.

Rule Number 5: Don’t be greedy, share the bread and cut the pie with everyone who stood on their ten toes when it got hard.

Rule Number 6: Always remember that you can be whatever you want to, if only you are prepared and determined for it.

Rule Number 7: Don’t get mad if you take a lose, go again!! Losses are part of life.

Rule Number 8: Keep your name clean, don’t take what’s not yours.

Rule Number 9: Don’t be out here hating, make sure you always doing something to better you.

Rule Number 10: If you owe anyone, don’t wait until they ask.

Rule Number 11: Protect your government name, instead of your religion.

Rule Number 12: No matter how much you try to avoid problems, they will always find their route to you.

Rule Number 13: Handle your problems instead of dodging it.

Rule Number 14: Make sure you are saving or investing more than you are spending, drought days are always around the corner.

Rule Number 15: Make sure it is a favor for a favor, most people are leeches.

Rule Number 16: Be a good example to your youngins.

Rule Number 17: Keep your composure always, no matter the situation.

Rule Number 18: Stay focused on your goals/dreams/vision because it’s very easy to forget the mission.

Rule Number 19: You gotta go hard and harder every day, no one ever said it was easy!

Rule Number 20: You are not a boss, until you make way for niggas.

Rule Number 21: Compete with yourself only, make sure you always remember it’s YOU vs YOU.

Rule Number 22: Make sure you still be around the ones you started with, don’t allow new friends.

Rule Number 23: Make sure you are cautious and observant around people, 95 percent of people are phony!

Rule Number 24: Don’t be scared of taking a risk, just make sure you play it safe.

Rule Number 25: No free sauce for everyone, most people don’t value free things.



 Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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