Allergy Products

Allergy Products

By Coyalita Linville

Allergy Products – Presence of allergies, nowadays are widespread, not only with the children, but also in adults. Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, FAAN allergic reaction on some food, such as peanuts has doubled during the last five years.

But also and separated study shows results in which number of the people who are suffering of allergic reactions caused with latex is also in developing.

Allergy may be defined as condition in which immune system react to the foreign substances which are not harmful and as results of it immune system makes antibodies that lead to the symptoms which are related as allergies, such as difficult breathing, itchiness, swelling, etc.

One of the useful options as prevention to allergies is to use products related to allergies, created to help people avoid symptoms of allergy. There are several products which you may use:

Purifiers or Air Filters

Pollution is the most association of outdoor air. Still, one of the main reasons for the development of the number of allergic symptoms is the home air. With the researching which done US Environmental Protection Agency in 1990, air pollution indoor ranked as “high priority health risk”.

Products such as air filters or air purifiers are very good, because they reduce allergens which may cause symptoms of asthma. This involves symptoms such as: nasal congestion, problems with breathing, swelling and other.

Air products are divided in five types:

• Hybrid filters
• Mechanical filters
• gas phase filters
• Ozone generators
• Electronic filters

Carpet Cleaners

It is not only that home air may be the cause of the allergens, but also every part of the house. This includes surfaces such as carpets, pillows, couches or other. Factors such as dust, mites or even animal hearts may cause symptoms of allergies. Keeping pets in the home may be very dangerous, especially if you are allergic on here of animals.

One of the better allergy products is a carpet cleaner. By using this product, you will keep your carpet clean as well as free it from factors which influence your allergies.

System Known as Home Water Treatment

Most used thing for keeping hygiene into your home is water. But the important thing is that no water is 100 percent pure. It is because all water contains contaminants such as: bacteria, gases, chemicals and metals.

Still, as there are contaminants which may harm your health, there are also contaminants contained in the water that influence your health.

A product designed to reduce harmful effects of your exposure to the home water is known as a home water treatment system. This system helps you will be controlling quality of water and problems such as corrosivity, hardness, foaming, bad tastes, color or smell.

Below is list of methods and treatments which you may use for your home water:

• Filtrations related as sedimentation or mechanical
• Filtration of oxidation
• Filtration of Activated carbon
• Filtration of membrane or reverse osmosis
• distillation
• Ultra-violet treatment
• Disinfection of chlorination
• Filtration of neutralizing

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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