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Get Into Google +

Get Into Google + Introduction Perhaps you were a founding member of MySpace. Maybe you’re a Facebook power user, or maybe you’ve just started to explore the world of social media. Either way, if you’re reading this guide, you have probably wondered, “Why should I sign up for Google+?”

The answer is simple: Google. You may have heard of them. Even if you already have other social networking accounts, you should sign up for Google+ simply because Google is going to be  around for a very long time. It’s almost impossible to avoid using Google products in your online life.

In December 2011, Google+ was averaging 625,000 new users every day, and Google predicts they will have 400 million users by the end of 2012. Google continues to connect their products in new, interesting and effective ways – Plus is at the center of that.

You may have heard that Google+ is on its way out. Google says otherwise.

“Not only is Google Plus not a ghost town,” Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president for engineering, said to the New York Times, “we have never seen anything grow this fast. Ever.”

Here’s the point: joining Google+ means you will be poised to take advantage of all that Google has to offer. From personalized search results to instant photo uploads, you will soon see the value of Google+ even beyond its main benefit: sharing and discovering content that you are interested in.

What is Google+?

Is Google+ just another social media network?

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are all social networks. They’re designed to let you share up-to-the-second updates, ideas, thoughts, links and media with your friends and the public.

How is Google+ different?

The big difference between Google+ and other social networking platforms is that Google has integrated Google+ with its other services (and continues to do so): search, YouTube, Gmail and much more. While Facebook and Twitter offer various ways of using their platform to share and comment on content you find on third-party websites, you will find that Google+ is already built into services you use every day.

Google+ also redefines social networking privacy by introducing a concept new to the genre: Circles. Circles differentiate Google+ from Facebook by allowing users precise control over who sees what.

How does this work? You know your Tweets are public. Your Facebook page is visible to…well, do you even know? With Google+ individualized content is delivered only to those you  dictate.

For example, if you were to tweet, “I hate my job,” odds are you don’t want your boss seeing that tweet. Similarly, if your mother is your friend on Facebook, how can you be sure she can’t see all those photos from that crazy party last weekend?

Historically, on Facebook, users were stumped. This functionality is now available but seems to be discouraged by Facebook: it’s buried deep within the interface.

With Google+, you are in control of your content right from the start.

Any time you share, you designate exactly who will be able to see the content you’re sharing. Share with a particular person or a Circle of people.

We will learn more about that later. First, let’s get you a Google+ account.

Creating a Google account

To participate in Google+, you need a Google account. If you already have a Google account, use your existing account credentials to sign into google. com or Then click on the +You button on the left side of the Google toolbar to sign up for Google+.

If you don’t have a Google account, now is the time to get one. Creating a Google account will grant you access to many different services and applications from Google (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, YouTube and much more. You have two options here: sign up for a Gmail email account or sign up for Google Apps for Business.

As of January 2012, new users who sign up for a Google account will automatically be registered for Google+ as well.
Sign up here:

The Google+ Sign-up Process

Now that you have a Google account, let’s get started. Sign up at or click the “+You” button on your Google menu bar if you’re already signed into your Google account.

By joining, you are automatically creating a public Google+ profile. Be sure to use your real name when signing up: not doing so violates Google’s Terms of Service.

Completing Your Profile

Okay, it’s time to complete your Google+ profile. First, specify your gender.

Next, upload a photo. This is crucial. Do it now. You probably already have a profile photo for Facebook or another social network. Using the same profile photo across social networks is a way for your friends to recognize you and pay attention to your content. Posting a profile photo is the number one thing you can do to ensure your content will be viewed by other people.

The next screen will prompt you to Add people you know to your circles. Google will likely already have a few suggestions for you. Alternatively, if you have a Yahoo or Hotmail account, you can import your contacts from those accounts or simply search Google+ for people by name.


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