How to Scale Your Web Traffic

How to Scale Your Web Traffic

How to Scale Your Web Traffic – Every website starts with zero visitors. You can have visions of a massive ecommerce empire, but we all start at square one. This is what allows tiny startups to compete with giant companies online. It’s the beautiful democracy of the Internet at work.

But starting with zero traffic and a brand- new website is terrifying. Getting 100 visitors a day, let alone 1,000, seems impossible, doesn’t it?

The websites that are the most successful online are typically those that are quick to market and quick to scale their website traffic. They rapidly move from zero visitors to thousands by using a variety of marketing channels.

Timing is everything when it comes to scaling your web traffic. Your plan of attack for getting your first 100 visitors won’t work when you want to move from 10,000 monthly visitors to 100,000. And if you didn’t plan things out early on, you probably won’t even make it that far.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ways that you can scale your web traffic at each stage of growth. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer.


Your website’s traffic, depending on several different factors, will typically fall into one of three stages: Launch, Growth, and Mature.

Below is a representation of what these three stages might look like in an analytics tool:

These three phases of web traffic for online business will help you determine what strategies to go after to grow your website. It might take a bit of work, but before you know it, your company will grow, and your business will mature.

In this guide, we’ve included information and checklists for each stage so that you can track your growth from the Launch Stage all the way to the Mature Stage. As your website matures and your traffic begins to grow, you can refer to the strategies detailed at each stage to learn more about what you should do next.

There are many strategies for getting to the top, but based on our experience, we at WebFX know that we can help you with the least number of headaches and confusion. That’s why we created this guide, after all!

Let’s get started!


Websites in the Launch Stage are typically new, but they could also be stagnant. This is where people panic and realize all of the work, they’ve put into getting their website launched is worthless — unless they figure out how to drive traffic and conversions.

A website that falls into this category is unlikely to rank well in search engines, as the domain age is low, and the website has been crawled only a few times.

This is where marketers and business owners need to leverage some digital marketing tools to generate immediate traffic to the website. Most start by encouraging those closest to them to visit and share. Email blasts and press releases can also generate some quick wins during this stage.

Paid search traffic also works great for new companies.

You get to control exactly how much you are spending, as well as where visitors are landing on your website. Plus, visitors don’t know if your website is new or if you’ve been around for ages. With paid search, you can also collect some early data on how people interact with your website.

Paid search is an asset throughout all phases of growth, but it’s critical for new websites.


Word of Mouth

Start talking! Tell everyone you know, including your family and friends. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing out there. Use it for an early and quick win for your website traffic.

.Family/Friends — Your mom is your number one fan!

Email Marketing — A quick email never hurts, as long as subscribers have opted-in first.

Press Releases — Try one of these websites for easy press releases:, PRNewswire. com, or

Traffic from paid search works great for new companies. You get to control exactly how much you are spending and where visitors are landing on your website. Visitors also don’t know if your website is new or if you’ve been around for ages.

Google AdWords — The most common and most popular (almost 80% market share)

Bing Ads

Yahoo Gemini

Direct Traffic

You will receive some direct traffic, although it most likely results from your word-of-mouth marketing and other early social efforts.

The most common mistake during the Launch stage is forgetting to scale and prepare for the next phase — Growth. The Launch Stage is always an exciting time. Compared to developing a website, sending out a few emails and writing up a press release is a breeze.

However, you can exhaust these traffic sources in just a couple of weeks or months. So, you’ll need to shift your focus to traffic sources that are more sustainable, mainly non-paid search traffic.

Make sure you’re investing your time heavily in the following things:

Search Engine Optimization — Optimizing your website for search engines will allow your website to transition into the Growth Stage and create sustainable traffic for your business.

Content Creation — There is no better way to get people to your website than creating content that is unique, compelling, and shareworthy.

Conversion Rate Optimization — Use the data you’ve earned have collected from your quick wins to analyze the behavior of your visitors and tweak certain areas of your website for better conversion rates.



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