7 Types of Fear

7 Types of Fear

Former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said in a speech, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” If you take the statement literally, it doesn’t really make sense because you can’t really be afraid of fear.

What Roosevelt was trying to say is that fear is a crippling emotion that can hold back nations and individuals from achieving greatness. In that sense, the consequences of fear can be terrifying.

Good fear vs. bad fear

Fear is a strong emotion, an instinctive reaction that we’re endowed with to ensure the survival of our species. It’s also a primeval instinct that we see in animals as well.

As human civilizations became more complex and advanced, so did our fears become more varied and compounded. The caveman in prehistoric times wasn’t worrying about the financial risks of taking out a second mortgage or making a career change. His primary goal revolved around one thing – survival.

Our current fears stem from the same core instinct but in comparison to our earliest ancestors, are much less of a threat. Oftentimes, rather than help us survive in the modern world, they hinder our ability to lead our best possible lives.

Now, this book is in no way trying to underplay or belittle your fears. Your fears are very valid. In fact, some actions should be tempered with a little bit of fear and caution. However, some fears can get blown out of proportion and take over your life. In this case, you need to pay attention.

Your fears could cause you to miss out on amazing opportunities that could change your life. Letting fear control, you could be the reason you feel stifled, lost, and demotivated.

Your fears, rather than protecting you, could be destroying your chances for happiness and success.

For example, the fear of swimming in shark-infested waters is a good fear. The fear of quitting a job that you hate and that offers no chance for advancement is a bad fear. It can hold you back from pursuing your true passion and showcasing your skills. It’s these types of fears that this book will help you address.

This book is going to help you identify 7 types of fear that could limit your ability to achieve success. These are fears that could hinder your care advancement or hold you back from building strong, healthy relationships. They can be the roadblocks to finding happiness and fulfillment.

Here are these 7 most common fears and a few tips on how to overcome them.

1. Fear of Risk

2. Fear of Failure

3. Financial Fear

4. Security Fears

5. Fear of Change

6. Fear of Rejection/Ridicule

7. Fear of Responsibility

8. Simple Action Steps to Overcome Fear.

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