Survivor Family Evacuation

Survivor Family Evacuation

By Coyalita Linville

Survivor Family Evacuation – The frequent news of hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, and tsunamis makes it clear that it’s important to be prepared when disaster strikes. You never know when a disaster, natural or otherwise, makes it make it necessary to leave your home.

For most people, an extreme event either induces panic or a “freeze” reaction. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you survive? It can be so overwhelming that you put it on the backburner and think, “This will never happen to me.”

This is especially true when others depend on you for security and shelter. Seniors, children, invalids, and even pets left alone to fend for themselves often spend their doomed last hours experiencing pure terror.

Your job is to provide your dependents with a defense plan of action and communication. Pets may be secondary, but the last thing you want is family members extremely distraught about the status of kitty and pooch. Include all family members in your disaster survival plan.

The fact is disaster can happen to anyone, anywhere. Some examples of disasters requiring evacuation are:

Nuclear catastrophes
Toxic waste spills
Terrorist attacks

It’s important to think about what might happen in the area where you live. Do you live near a coastline? That makes flooding and hurricanes a reality. Inland you may need to worry more about severe storms causing flooding and tornadoes.

No matter where you live you need to think about the possibility of a terrorist attack. Of course, no one wants to think about the devastation that could cause. Attacks happen and if you’re not
prepared you could find yourself without the essentials.

Replacing Fear with Preparation

It’s important to be prepared for an emergency situation so that when it comes you won’t feel panic. Panic causes you to make unwise decisions and could even cost you your life in a disaster.

The purpose of preparedness is not to focus on all the bad things that can happen. You don’t need to walk around in fear concerned that the end is near. Instead, you do need to face the reality that bad things can happen but have the assurance you’re ready for anything.

When you feel prepared, instead of panic you’ll go through a checklist and follow your plan. You’ll have what you need to survive including shelter, food, communication, power, and be able to care for your family members.

Don’t wait to begin planning and preparing for survival. You probably won’t be able to afford to purchase everything you need all at once. For most people it takes time to gather the right supplies.

That’s why it’s important not to put off your survival preparedness. When you begin now – before there’s an emergency – you’ll have time to purchase items, make plans, and get organized so that when it an emergency comes around you’re ready.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. Prioritize what you need and chip away at the list a little bit at a time. This way you’ll be able to break it up into manageable chunks without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s Included…

Surviving an Evacuation

72 Hour Emergency Kit

Evacuation and Shelter

Transportation and Fuel

Planning for Pets

Important Documents

Home Business Data

First Aid and Medications



Bartering During Disaster

Planning For Long-Term Disaster

Infrastructure Takes a Long Time to Return

Long Term Food Storage


Hygiene and Sanitation

Power and Fuel

Financial Savings

Medication Supply


Protection and Security

Helping Special Populations



People with Disabilities

If You’re a Caregiver

Preparing for Disaster on a Budget

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