9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practices to Beat Worry and Anxiety

9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practices to Beat Worry and Anxiety

9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practices to Beat Worry and Anxiety – You may have heard about the benefits of mindfulness.

How do you become more mindful? Mindfulness is cultivated through various meditation practices.

Formal meditation practices take time and can be difficult to practice.

With your busy schedule nobody has time to meditate. But you may be feeling very stressed, unable to sleep or having difficulty coping with chronic illness and would really love to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

If so, this guide can come handy.

This guide will take you through 9 mindfulness practices which are quick and easy to do.

None of them take more than a minute.

These practices can be carried out throughout the day as you go on with your normal life, without you having to make additional time.


6 years ago, I was utterly miserable. Work stress made me collapse in a meeting and I had to be rushed to ER!

At home, I coped with stress in a wrong way and didn’t listen to my family who truly cared for me. Eventually my wife and kids left me.

As if It wasn’t enough, I developed an auto-immune disease of  the eye, where I was in danger of losing my eyesight.

The doctor quickly prescribed medicines. Unfortunately, I developed rare side effects and couldn’t continue.

I was hopeless. I thought I was going to die. I realized something had to change big time!

While searching for natural cures, I stumbled upon research on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

As an engineer with a Master’s degree, I had scoffed at meditation earlier. I thought it was nonsense. But now I found compelling research on the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

I had fallen so much flat on my face that I had opened up and was ready to try anything and everything.

I started practicing meditation. Having sucker-punched in life, I hoped meditation would do the miracle. But the miracle didn’t happen.

After an initial struggle, I finally found a good teacher and the correct way to practice meditation.

I immediately started noticing the change. I wasn’t getting tense that easily; I wasn’t reacting that much. I found myself present, centered, and able to clearly think through tense situations.

In about 6 weeks my panic attacks stopped completely. The work meetings that I dreaded earlier, all of sudden became easy to attend.

Feeling of anxiety continued to creep up at times, but now as soon as I started becoming anxious, I caught myself.

And in catching myself in the reaction I found some space. Where I had more clarity about the situation and this clarity helped me prevent the buildup and release the feelings of anxiety much quicker.

Things only improved since then. My life has been transformed. My environment is not that different, but there is not much to worry or be anxious about.

I do fall sick, I still have that eye disease, my kids still scream at the top of their lungs and while I worked for someone else my boss was over-demanding on many days.

But none of these things bother me. Because meditation has rewired my brain, I’m grounded and present most of the time rather than reactive and captive to emotions or habitual reactions.

I’ve more opportunities where I know what things are in my control at any instance and what is not. And I’m able to continue to be an active agent when it comes to ‘difficult’ situations rather than being a victim of my fate.

Because my life changed so much for the better, it inspired me to help others experience the same level of benefits as I did. That’s why I trained myself to be a mindfulness teacher at the Center for Mindfulness, UMass School of Medicine and at a Zen monastery in northern California.

I’ve been teaching for 3 years, and you can change your life just like I did.

Here is what some of his students have to say about him:

“I was surprised to see myself go from a stressed-out mess to a pleasant person to be around”

Taking this class was the biggest favor I could have done for myself. I admire Samir’s level of commitment as well, teaching several methods of meditation and making sure I had found the best fit for me.

Half-way through the course, I began to see changes in myself: an improved mood, and a higher level of patience. By the end of the course, I was living more mindfully, eating healthier, and going through my day with a sense of calmness.

–Casey Berger

“I began to get some space between my thoughts and get some relief from the race brain. I’m now able to embrace the pending ‘next chapter’ in my life with a sense of excitement rather than loss”

Samir is a wonderfully compassionate teacher, with a great sense of humor in how he approaches the material. He clearly practices what he teaches. I look forward to continuing to be practicing and seeing how life unfolds.

–Rebecca Gabriel

“I was in strong need of stress relief. I found more than I imagined”

His course is sequential, inviting, interactive and experiential for people of all faiths and traditions. He gently and humorously models a path of practice which allowed me to explore various mindful approaches and chose those that worked best in my life.

Any time I hear someone mention meditation or mindfulness, I highly recommend Mr. Ranpara’s course as a part of their health and wellness plan. He presents “Mindfulness” in a professional and very scientifically solid manner.

–Helen Moc

“After 6 weeks of mindfulness and meditation classes with Samir…. I am a believer! I can say that meditation has positively impacted my life because Samir gave us tools to deal with stress, day-to-day situations”

I learnt how to control my thoughts and be positive and hopeful in life. I still have a lot to learn, but I am on the correct path.

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Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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