thanks to my inner strength
thanks to the hands that translated
thoughts and feelings into paper
thanks to pain and happiness!
to every soul that reaches for my book
be strong.

your home is there
where you feel you belong

i pour milk to my cereal coffee
it is enough that life is bitter
coffee doesn’t have to

every contempt broke me
every crooked stare broke me
every lack of support broke me
every doubt broke me
every disregard broke me
but i’m growing
i bloom
i am a flower
which blooms every year
you don’t have to water me
I’m fed by raindrops

you can’t just forget
it would be too easy
you have to learn to live with all that pain
there is no guarantee that it will disappear
but your strength will begin to bloom

planning always gives me
a sense of control and freedom
as i entered into human relationships
i realized how devastating me
was my desire to have control

you can’t control someone else’s feelings
sometimes you don’t even have control
over yours feelings

sometimes i regret it
i imagine what it would be like
to be by your side now
then i stop
i know i’m in the right place

he didn’t like coffee then
maybe he liked it now

time makes me forget what you look like
i don’t remember the timbre of your voice
but i remember your words
and how i felt around you

sometimes i forget that you are
but i can’t forget you were with me

all you have to do is breathe
start with breathing
just breathe

sugar and salt look the same
but taste different

people are different
don’t trust everyone
be careful

you walk away slowly
without explanation
without awareness

the less painful way to end

your heart will break many times
but it will still beat

loneliness leads to divorce with oneself
loving yourself means marriage to soul


growing up taught me how to survive
but i don’t know how to love
and how to let love me

there is no recipe for a perfect life
there is no recipe for a perfect relationship
or friendship
there is no recipe for success without
sacrifice and hard work

viewing a culinary book

don’t wait for someone who has decided
to leave
don’t lose yourself

being close to you allowed me to grow up
you were older
i was melting in the blue of yours eyes
your disappearance broke my heart
but i am reborn
just a pity
that i’m looking for you in every other guy

teenage years

you can hear
but you don’t listen
you can talk
but can you talking

you evoke two extremely dangerous
emotions in me
you make me unable to live without you
and you make me unable to live with you

your body is yours
no one without your consent has the right
to touch or change your body

body is your home

choose people around you very carefully
this who you surround yourself with
how you give yourself to be treated
influences your thoughts, behavior
and habits
respect yourself and your time

the way how you say
what you say
how much you say
reveals a lot about you
speech is your calling card

i was taught how to be silent
and how to shout at the same time
now i’m learning how to just speak
i’m looking for peace and my place

the way some people
look at another people hurts me
they don’t look at them in good way
they want people to feel bad
contempt for another person
is worse than ignorance

let’s be kind

wherever you are
with whoever you are
i finally wish you well

i wasn’t able to answer questions
related to you at the time
i can answer now
but no one asks anymore

he always used commas and periods
i wonder
if he put a comma or a period on us

friendship is about supporting each other
is about loyalty and honesty
time doesn’t matter
distance doesn’t matter
friendship should be cared just like as
it must be nurtured

when you buying a flower in a pot
it isn’t enough to water it once
you have to do it all the time
then it will make sense
and the flower wouldn’t die

there is the same with friendship

you think
you’ve already cried out all the pain
you think you are worse
because you can’t cry anymore
it’s not true
you are still just as sensitive and delicate
you are strong and sensitive
at the same time
it all strengthens you

you can be strong and sensitive
at the same time
you have been through
so many difficult times
it’s amazing how emotional you can still be

delicate rose with thorns

i felt rejected
i realized that i was just underappreciated
leaving saved me

sometimes the silence is an answer
stop sacrificing yourself
for someone who doesn’t appreciate it

i had to learn to deal with my emotions
i had to learn to go out to people again
i had to start love myself
i had to forgive myself and others
it all breaks me in half every day
they left me with mine hands
that started to write
life is the longest lesson

it’s not like you didn’t have time for me
you didn’t want to have time for me
it was a choice
i accepted it

most of the time
i am surrounded by people
who don’t understand me
i started talking to myself
i found a friend and companion in myself…


Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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