Plan Your Visit Playbook

Plan Your Visit Playbook
The Church Marketing Strategy That Generates 20-50 New Visitors Every Month

By Brady Sticker

The Plan Your Visit strategy is a proven church marketing plan that will grow your ministry in exciting ways. If you want to consistently have new visitors at your church, then this book is for you.

My home church uses the Plan Your Visit strategy to bring 20-50 new people through our doors every month. I started Church Candy Marketing to share this successful strategy with as many churches as possible. It has been an honor to see God use my marketing company to draw more people into the Kingdom.

I’ve wanted to do Kingdom-building work ever since I was in kindergarten and told my dad, “When I get big, I want the church to be my job.” It made him so proud that he wrote it down in his Bible. Only God could have started my story there, led me into marketing, then to ministry, and now to a marketing ministry!

For the past six years, I’ve run a digital marketing agency with my dad in the chiropractic industry. We’ve helped thousands of chiropractors scale their businesses. My dad used to work for a chiropractor, and that’s how he fell in love with that profession. I was just a Bible college student when Chiro Candy really started to take off.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been super passionate about Chiropractics. I like helping chiropractors grow their business and hearing stories of patients overcoming pain without surgery or medications, but I don’t have a heart for chiropractic’s like my dad does. I have a heart for ministry.

It was while I was at Christ For The Nations, a Bible school in Dallas, that God opened my eyes to how much the “Big-C” church needed what we had been doing for chiropractors.

Chiropractors need patients and churches need visitors. Digital marketing can provide both. If a Chiropractor can turn $1 worth of paid ads into $5 of revenue from new patients, why can’t a church use the same strategy to get new guests?

During my six years as the COO of Chiro Candy Marketing, we helped hundreds of chiropractors grow their businesses. Currently, over 100,000 people go to a chiropractor every month because of Chiro Chandy Marketing. Now my goal is to draw 100,000 people to a local church through Church Candy Marketing.

The Plan Your Visit strategy is the foundation for Church Candy Marketing’s church growth formula, and I’m excited to bring these insights to even more people through this book.

Even if you’re already familiar with the Plan Your Visit strategy, you will still get a lot of value from this book. We’ll cover what the strategy is and why it’s important. I will explain how to use paid ads to get tons of families planning a visit to your church.

Then I’ll go over the Plan Your Visit follow-up strategies, what to do when a new visitor shows up for church, and so much more.

If you get overwhelmed reading this and would like help implementing these strategies in your church, you can schedule a free strategy session with me or one of our team members at



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