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Some of us have been living in tears and fears throughout our life time. We have dedicated our lives to others and never seem to feel quite appreciated, understood, and sometimes downright used.

Some of us never quite fit in or meet family and societal expectations. We sometimes use drugs, alcohol, food, sex or relationships to just escape the pain even for a few hours, days, or weeks but it is always there no matter what we do. Some of us have been battered, physically, verbally and mentally, or just never seem to beat the hell of living s from homelessness, abuse, assault, and other addictions.

We have not been good enough, handsome enough, thin enough or fat enough, smart enough, and the list is forever endless of why we feel so let down, develop low self-esteem and find ourselves crying out in the night to console our anger and fears.

Join me now in this journey of finding a new life and way of living, but most of all to the time that you will be enlightened about yourself and the world as well as finding tears of joy (not sadness, no more shame, guilt, nor pain) that takes you where you are today.

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Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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