21 Days to Healthy Heart Habits

21 Days to Healthy Heart Habits

We tend to take our heart for granted–until something goes wrong with it. Our heart is the most important muscle in the body, beating more than 100,000 times a day to send oxygen-rich blood to all the tissues and cells in the body in order to keep them healthy.

As we age, however, there are a number of things that can compromise our cardiovascular health, that is the health of our heart and blood vessels. Some of these issues may be hereditary, but the good news is that most of them are actually lifestyle-related.

By modifying your lifestyle, you can offset any genetic issues and do your best to boost your heart health.

In this guide, we will be presenting you with a 21-day challenge to help you improve your heart health in all-natural ways.

Many of the suggested activities are actually easy to implement. Others will be a case of you starting out and then needing to follow through.

While you will find 21suggestions, it is important to set your own goals.

Determine what is most important for you to tackle in relation to your heart health based on your age, family history, overall condition at the moment, and your most important numbers from your doctor.

Let’s look first at why heart health is so important, and then at the numbers you need to know in order to set goal/s for your heart health challenge.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside…

Why Heart Health Is So Important

Week 1 – Getting Started

  • Day 1 – Know Your Numbers
  • Day 2 – Start Today, Not Your Past
  • Day 3 – Set SMART Goals
  • Day 4 – Start A Walking Program
  • Day 5 – Take Charge of Your Blood Pressure
  • Day 6 – Remove Temptations
  • Day 7 – Make Simple Changes Whenever Possible

Week 2 – Continuing the Progress

  • Day 8 – Choose A Healthy Eating Lifestyle
  • Day 9 – Choose the Best Fats
  • Day 10 – Eat a rainbow every day
  • Day 11 – Aim for Antioxidants
  • Day 12 – Move More
  • Day 13 – Eat More Filling Foods
  • Day 14 – If You Drink Alcohol, Try Red Wine

Week 3 – Making Even More Heart-Healthy Changes

  • Day 15 – Get Fond of Fish
  • Day 16 – Go Nuts for Nuts
  • Day 17 – Just Say “No” To Stress
  • Day 18 – Deal with Any Sleep Disorders
  • Day 19 – Deal with Any Mood Disorders
  • Day 20 – Stop Smoking
  • Day 21- Get Help and Support for Your Health Issues


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