Intermittent Fasting For Women

Intermittent Fasting For Women

Intermittent Fasting For Women – This book is going to change your life! I know you just started reading, but I’m serious! My book is designed to impact your life in the most positive way possible from a holistic standpoint.

You probably decided to buy this book because you want to become a better version of yourself! You made the best investment to invest in your health and wellness. I have good news for you, and that is your life will be transformed once you start taking action and implementing these strategies I discuss within this book.

Are you tired of being bombarded by countless infomercials that endorse new diet fads? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it all from, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, vegan diet and even the raw food diet.

Now I’m not criticizing or taking jabs at any of these mentioned diets, and I do truly believe in most cases these diets do work effectively to a certain degree.

But you see there lies an inherent problem with all these so called “diets”. People tend to go on them and start seeing some results, but before you know it they start gaining back those unwanted pounds simply because they couldn’t uphold their regiment.

To add insult to injury a lot of these diets tend to be more costly and run a expensive bill that cannot be sustained on the average working person’s budget…

Well, I’m here to tell you that intermittent fasting won’t cost you anymore than you are already spending. This diet in particular is designed to help you burn unwanted body fat fast and sculpt your way to your ideal physique in conjunction to exercise.

But, before we start discussing the basics we need to get your mindset right! Something did not discuss a lot within the health and fitness industry and that is having a good sense of self-awareness before you start any diet. You see the inherent problem I previously mentioned with all these diets is that people cannot uphold or continue on with certain diet regiments.

Why? Because people treat diets like prescription drugs! Once results are derived and an outcome is finalized people tend to go back to their old ways of living and relegate their newfound diet fad to the back burner.

You see there is an inherent problem when you interface with a diet and consider it a short-term fix. True transformation takes place from the inside out and when you become aware changing the way you eat is not a matter of going on a short-term diet, but a total lifestyle change!

That’s right you need to transform your lifestyle or modify it in order to achieve long term sustainable results! You need to incorporate intermittent fasting as apart of your daily living, and in order to do this you need to shift your short-term thinking to long term. This is not a prescription drug.

What’s Included

Obesity Epidemic – In Industrialized Societies

Chapter 1: What is Intermittent Fasting?

How (IF) Boosts Our Health?

Mindfulness & Eating

Water & Fiber

Salt Deficiency

Insulin, Glycogen, Glucagon & Fasting

Ghrelin & Leptin

5 Common Cravings

Foods & Inflammation

Socially Engineered To Constantly Eat – Corporations Vested Interest

6 Types of Sugars to Lookout For

Artificial Sweeteners to Lookout For
Corn Syrup

Substitute For Sugars to Lookout for
Brown rice syrup
Coconut palm sugar
Date sugar
Maple Syrup
Agave Syrup
Brown rice Syrup
Coconut Palm Sugar

Sugar Addiction

Historical Corporate Use of Addictive Substances


Intermittent Fasting – The Best Anti- Aging Strategy

Diabetes & Fasting

And Much More…


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