By Felix Menda

“You can’t lose a fight you expect to win.”

It was 0000 hours. The plane that flew past mountains and hills of beautiful countries of Africa from Moscow landed at MWALIMU JK NYERERE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. As the plane took the landing lane, a tone was heard from speakers.

“We’ve reached our destination, thank you for trusting our service, and enjoy your time in our beautiful country, Tanzania,” The female attendants’ voice said.

On the fourth seat from the back, sat a young man who seemed to be in his thirties. He glanced at his phone as the flight mode that was on his phone was canceled by his index finger.

“Code red,” a message arrived the moment the flight mode was canceled. “An agent has gone off the radar, ” he continued reading the message. “As soon as you land, come to the HQ.
You’ll proceed with your mission the moment we know the whereabouts of our agent.”

“I’ve just landed. I’ll be there in less than an hour,” the man replied as he got out of the plane.

“Have you arrived to take me to the HQ?” The man texted agent Zeros William.

“I’m waiting in the arrivals exits, you will see a black SUV SEDAN. Get in and you’ll find me,” Zeros William replied.

It took him less than ten minutes to exit the arrival door and right in front of him, he saw the car that was described a moment ago. He hopped in and the car sped away from Mwalimu JK Nyerere International Airport.

“How was the flight?” Zeros William asked.

“Everything was fine though it was a long journey,” The man replied.

“Next time I’ll try to talk with the superiors so that we can go together in the coming mission, ” Zeros William uttered.

“Ooh, aren’t you on a mission as a college student? Have you accomplished that?” The man asked.

“You’re not the one I’ve to report to but soon it’s going to end.” Zeros William replied.

“Aye. I know we need to follow protocols but alas I’m your superior here and you’re my junior in this field. You’ve to know I’m concerned about your success in every assignment you’ve been given,” The man uttered.

He opened the file that was written confidential. His gaze was fixated on the information that was displayed on the tablet handled to him by Zeros William.

“Hey kiddo, is Gustav Jonson one of our agents too? He is a college student like you and you knew about it all along?” The man asked as information was being processed by his brain cells.

“Yes, he is my friend. He has gone off the radar for two days now. Sounds like the ones who took him knew about the GPS device I implanted on his phone without him being aware of. The last location of his phone was near the Indian Ocean at Mafia Island in Mlola forest,” Zeros William replied.

“I think I’ve to take a vacation on an island, alas I hate the water. It makes me sick,” The man replied.

“We’ve been assigned to make sure Gustav is back in our team. He has got an important mission he needs to accomplish like me. I need him to end my assignment. So, I’m ready to learn from you, my superior,” Zeros William said as he sped and took a U-turn and then he took a left turn and disappeared along the quiet streets of Mwenge.

The car was scanned by the security team that wore combats. And the black SUV SEDAN was allowed to enter the amenities.

TANZANIA INTELLIGENCE SERVICE BUILDING. The four words could be seen hanging on the building that was in front of them.

“Things haven’t changed ever since I’ve been here, ” The man replied.

“A lot has changed and there is a lot you need to know too. I’ll update you in the meeting room with the superiors,” Zeros William replied.


Around 0100 hours, the conference room was filled with agents. They were just waiting for one of the best agents they ever had.

“He’ll be here in less than a minute,” an old man who wore a
black suit updated the other man who was sitting next to him.

The door of the conference room opened and two figures could be seen taking big steps. The one who was in front was the young man they knew as Zeros William. The name he was given by the old man who wore a black suit, General Makebe Mlingai. He gave that name to Zeros because he believed Zeros never aged faster as compared to other agents even though agents who were the same age as him were much older as compared to him.

“You’ll be called Zeros because you never age. So, I’m giving you number zero as your agent’s name,” General Makebe Mlingai remembered how he gave the name to a man walking in front of him.

Behind Zeros William appeared the figure of his first trained agent, his student, Alexander. The best agent in Tanzania’s intelligence service.

“There you’re, my boy, “General Makebe Mlingai said as he hugged Alexander tightly as a father who had never seen his child for decades.

“This is Agent Wolf. He is here to help us accomplish the assignment that we failed to accomplish. We will get answers to the difficult questions we’ve asked ourselves for two days in a row,” General Makebe Mlingai’s voice was heard over the speaker. “He is my student, I trust him. I’ve withdrawn him from an important assignment, so he won’t spend a lot of time finishing the assignment. Isn’t it?” General Makebe said as he turned to where Alexander, or agent Wolf as his combat name, stood.



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