Cat Allergy

Cat Allergy

By Coyalita Linville

Cat Allergy – The last report shows that the number of people in the USA who are suffering from cat allergies is around six and ten million. Still, people are little confused about symptoms of the allergy, especially when it is about allergy on cats.

The majority of people think that cat allergy is caused with the allergens from the cat dander. But, most of the allergens come mainly from scat and saliva.

These allergens contain a carbohydrate structure which is also known as Fel d 1. This is the main allergen which causes allergies on cat.

Fel d 1 is much smaller than mold or pollen, still, no matter of the size of it, Fel d 1 is also allergen. Fel d 1, mold and pollen are actually microscopic and they are floating very easily in the air. After that cat lick itself, Fel d 1 is grooming and it is deposited on its fur.

After this happens the dried specks of saliva may float off and come around your home. Still, the protein may be everywhere in your home. It could be on your furniture, windows, walls, beds, pillows and other things.

But the thing that is very interesting is that this allergen may remain for years in your home, no matter that you don’t have a cat anymore in your house. Totally clean is a must if you want to protect yourself from cat allergies.

Symptoms of Allergy

There are various places of your body that may react to allergy symptoms. Usually, those places are throat, ears, nose, lungs, eyes, or your skin.

After exposure to the cause of the allergy, the first symptoms occur between fifteen and forty minutes. Still, it needs days when it is about cat allergy for starting with symptoms.

The most often symptoms when it is about cat allergy are:

• Wet, red colored, itchy and swollen eyes
• Areas of the skin covered with the red color
• Sneezing,
• Runny nose and post nasal drip
• Wheezing and coughing
• Stuffed up ears
• Nasal congestion and others

Controlling of Cat Allergy

The best solution is avoiding the symptoms which cause allergies in you. Still, considering that you cannot live in isolation and in vacuum, people are simply exposed to the symptoms of the allergy, especially when it is about cats or pets.

People who love pets, especially cats, simply cannot bear peace with the fact that they should leave them. Still, here are some recommendations that you may follow for keeping control of your cat allergy:

• Try to use allergy reliefs and other products to reduce reacting symptoms in your home.

• Daily and constant ventilation of your house by using air conditioning, but it is much better with opening your windows even during rainy days will help you a lot.

• Using HEPA filter will help you to protect yourself from cat allergens, but also and form other allergens.

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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