Auction Exploit

Auction Exploit

How to Make Easy Money As An eBay Affiliate

By: Victor V

 Auction Exploit – Whether you got this book from my site or  from somewhere else, the bottom line is that you want to make money. Right now business on eBay is BOOMING.

Why? Because with the economy in the dump and the public struggling financially, people are cleaning out their attics and closets and selling their old and unused possessions on eBay at a remarkable rate in order to make some extra cash.

Overall online sales are at record highs because of benefits like no taxes, products shipped right to your doorstep and savings on gas money.

That’s why I named this book Auction Exploit, because you’re just selling items to people who are already in an online buying frenzy and cashing in off of the sales.

This guide will walk you through finding out what to sell, picking a site name, setting up a store site and applying for a eBay affiliate account.

Essentially the bare minimum for making money from the eBay Partner Network. The great thing about setting up store sites is once you make one, it’s easy to replicate. You can have 1 or 100 stores making money. It’s all up to you.

Once you have your site up, check out my blog at: for advanced tutorials on getting traffic to your website and other tips and tweaks. Thanks for reading!

What should I sell in my store?

The first thing that you’ll need to do is decide what you want to  sell. You can sell just about anything but make sure it meets these 3 demands.

I will show you how to check for these traits in the video.
 It is already selling well on eBay.
The market must not be overcrowded.
Must not be too general
Browse to:

Ebay Pulse is a site for Ebay sellers to check what items are selling well on the site. The main page shows the overall best-selling items on all of Ebay. If you select different categories from where I marked “Choose your category” in red, you can see what items are selling well in specific categories.

I’ll give you some examples of what I mean.

Coach products have been an extremely hot selling item for years on Ebay but the market has become oversaturated. The problem is if you opened a Coach Store site, there would be a ton of  competition from sellers that have a huge head start on your as far as having established websites out there.

Unless you have a large budget for marketing or have some friends that own related websites and are willing to give your site free advertising, making money on a general Coach site would be difficult.

If your heart is set on Coach or if you still want to enter into a crowded market of any kind, the solution is to be more targeted. A friend of mine is in love with Coach and wouldn’t give up on it so we turned her “Coach” site idea into several smaller sites.

Coach Shoes, Coach Men’s Wallets, Coach Purses (Soho Collection). Now instead of having 1 poorly ranking Coach site, he has 3 sites that rank very well for her specific products and as a result, turn an excellent profit!

Some other tips for selecting a product niche:

Choose products which people are comfortable buying online – Furniture, refrigerators, big screen TV’s and things where people typically go into a local store to try out before they purchase typically don’t sell as well on eBay.

The best items to sell on eBay are items that people can save a lot of money from buying on eBay. I know this sounds obvious but think of things like this: A person looking to buy a brand new PlayStation 3 in most cases is only going to save $10, maybe $20 off retail from buying off of eBay.

Throw in the cost of shipping and they probably break even. Chances are they’re probably going to pick one up locally. Now think of the people looking to buy a used PlayStation 3. They can save over $100 if purchased on eBay. Customers looking for used PlayStation 3’s are going to go to eBay first before anywhere else to purchase what they’re looking for.



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