What Can Parental Control Limit?

One of the first question that you as a parent needs to ask about parental controls is just what they limit and how do they do just that. There are many ways that predators can meet your child. You need to use parental controls as well as education to help protect them from all areas in which they are vulnerable.

Think of it in other instances. You taught your child a secret, family password that was put in place to allow an adult other than you to pick up your child with. But, that level of protection does not protect them from strangers that approach them walking home from school. Parental controls must cover all areas of vulnerability. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

Areas Your Child Needs Protection

Here are a few of the most important ways that you need to protect your child when they are online. Remember, this is not everything and with modern technologies as well as new ways to meet others online happening every day, you still need to monitor other areas as well. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

  • Chatting:

Chat rooms are a common thing online. There are those chat rooms set up for children as young as ten to talk about games and school. Your parental controls should allow for some protection from chat rooms that are not approved by you or are not known to be kid safe areas. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

  • Email:

Email addresses can easily be obtained. It only takes the right words in an e-mail’s subject line to get your child to open on the email and get into trouble. Parental controls can limit who can send email to your child. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR eBook” Download!!”)

  • The Web:

The web browsing abilities that your child has are also important. Parental controls must protect your child from visiting websites that are not appropriate or ones that you specifically block. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

  • Instant Messaging or IM’s:

“One of the most common ways to chat online today is through instant messaging.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”) It is private and easy to use. “Parental controls can help block unwanted individuals from chatting with your child.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

All these parental controls can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs, age, and your preferences. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”) Consider limiting all the options to fit your child. “When you implement these parental controls, you help to protect your child when they are doing the things they want and need to do online.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

Parental Control: Online Activity Reports

Parental Control

Does your internet service provider help you to set up what are called online activity reports for your child when they are online? Parental controls are things you should consider using. (“”258″ Adult PLR Products – (Ebooks, Articles and more…)”) They will help your child to stay safe when they are online, and they will help you to know what your child is up to when they are online. Although you may think you are spying on your child, you are just protecting them from all that is potentially lurking on the web that could threaten them. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

What’s An Activity Report?

“A parental control activity report is put in place to help protect your child while they are online by informing you of what they are doing while they are there.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”) It will provide you a report of what they have been doing when they are signed onto their account. This can help you know where they have gone and to whom they have talked. “Most importantly, it helps you to monitor if they are being safe online.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

You may be able to learn many things from these reports. They will help you to know how many emails they are getting as well as who they are getting them from and to whom they are sending them.

It will help you to know what websites they have visited including those that are the most frequently visited. Some activity reports will even help you to know what types of websites they have tried to visit but that are restricted using your parental controls. This allows your child to stay protected while communicating with others online. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

The activity report does not have to be something that you tell your child about, if you feel that you do not want to. It is a report that comes to the expert account or the person responsible for the child’s screen name account. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”) The best thing is that your child can remain safe, and you will know about what potential risks they are taking and then be able to protect them from making mistakes.

“It is rare to be able to prevent mistakes that your child makes.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”) Simply taking note of what they are doing will also help you to have some peace of mind when you cannot watch over their shoulder when they are on the web.

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