Sing Audio In Your Direct Sales Business

Sing Audio In Your Direct Sales Business

Sing Audio in Your Direct Sales BusinessIf you’ve been around the Internet for more than a week or so you know that everything is hopping and moving fast and that using audio, webcasting and podcasting are where it’s at.

Most direct sales representatives are content building their business using the traditional means and supporting their downline with phone calls and emails.

But, let me tell you, if you’re not exploring the use of audio with your direct sales business, you’re missing out not only on profits, but also on FUN!

Here are some quick ideas for making use of audio with your direct sales business:

1. Recruiting – Record a 4–5-minute audio about your career opportunity. Load the audio up on a one-page sales letter or onto a voice mail for potential recruits to dial in and listen.

You can even turn this into a weekly or monthly podcast and update the general information with specific company recruiting specials, interviews with top sellers in your company or with the company founders.

2. Customer service – Have a weekly audio newsletter for your customers. Do product spotlights from your catalog, talk about monthly specials and have customers call in their testimonies on how your product has worked for them. Do customer contest drawings and get your listeners involved.


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