This company is easily accessed and useful to help people with Instagram and messenger with their bio links, and apparently has become quite a star helping people with social media.

However, I am an affiliate marketer for this company and most certainly they are popping and improving their business.

Now I have been working for this company advertising for several years now until recently I willingly worked for them and advertised not only to every social media platform in the United States but as well as other resources that were free, including Moneyline which has people from all over the world.

The thing is for some crazy reason I never made a dime advertising for them.

Which now makes me believe that surely somewhere over the hundreds of ads I have placed for them someone came to sign up with them. Therefore, I believe that they should be responsible enough to contact me now and then to let me know how I’m doing.

Now I might be a little senile and I might be a little foolish for continuing to work for these people advertising all these years and not at least get some type of appreciation from them, or even be contacted by them to update me on any new advertising message that they may be using now.

To me it seems like I’ve been doing one hell a lot of work just for the hell of it. With no regards as to the long hours and time I have spent developing ads for their product’s and posting them in every place a person in their right mind could post from social media to building three specific websites specifically to post their ads.

Now I am a very peaceful person but right now I feel realy used and burned out for nothing.. the other companies I work for doing their advertising at least show me some respect which I cannot say for SHORBY.

So hear this SHORBY I QUIT! Sweet to see me go….lol

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