Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Your Computer

Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Your Computer Needs Attention Too


Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Your Computer Needs Attention Too with all the pressure from environmental organizations on reducing waste, many have opted to go paperless and store documents on their computers. By doing this there is less clutter floating around your home and office.

However, computers need to be organized as well. Simply saving things in the hard drive will quickly use up space and slow down your computer’s functions. Also, if you need to find something specific, you will find it may take you hours, by the time you check through all the existing saved documents.

If you have Microsoft word you can create files. If you have one computer in your home, then have a file for each member of the family. These files will eventually get full so at various intervals through the year have a computer clear out. Tell everyone they have one week to sort their files, or everything will get dumped. This way, all the things that you need will be saved and the less important items can be discarded.

If you live on your own or want to clean up your work computer, folders can help with this as well. Just create folders for certain sections of your life. Bills, appointments and so forth. This way you can access things easily without having to wade through years and years of old documents. Learn to use your folders section. You will be amazed how quickly things accumulate.

If you have a lot of things stored and genuinely need all of them, then consider getting some back up computer disks. Even though you may need everything, some things will still be more important than others.

Keep the most important items saved on your computer and the others on disks. This way you can keep computer space free and keep everything. Make sure you label your disks and keep a good filing system. This way you can still access what you need quickly.

With the pressure to go paperless, many of us forget to keep our computers organized. You need to keep on top of these things so your computer runs well, and you can get to what you need.


Getting Organized: Your Children’s Room and Schoolwork


Children can be some of the worst organizers in the world. They have so much to keep track of between home and school that it is amazing anything get to you at all. Children’s home and schoolwork is important and keeping it organized is important. If things are meticulously organized and easy to find you may find that your children will start to enjoy doing their work and get it done quicker.

The first tip is for homework. Try setting aside a specific time for homework to be done. Make an agreement with your child that between these hours, it is homework and nothing else. Make it at a time when you are available so you can attend if necessary.

If this habit is established early in their school years, when they get into high school, it will be much less of a chore to get them to do it. The next tip is to have an area designated for homework. Make sure it is quiet so your child can concentrate. Have a box with everything that they could need.

Make sure there is paper, pencils or pens, markers, scissors, calculators, rulers and so forth. This will minimalist the, I do not have a pencil problem that wastes time. Having this established will set a good tone about homework and get your child into good habits early.

Children have loads of schoolwork. Teach them how to use a ring binder early in life. Devote a section to each subject and get dividers in separate colors. This sends a message to the brain and helps it create its own internal filing system.

You may also get your child to make an illustration of their subjects, to be placed in the ring binder. Designate some time each week, ideally during homework time to go through the folder and discard what is no longer needed. This is a terrific way to teach your child organization and spend quality time with them.

Children accumulate loads of paper during their school years. Keeping it organized is not such a chore. By designating the time each day for homework, having equipment on hand and going through their binders on a weekly basis, your child will be organized and start to do better in school.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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