Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Finding Those Keys

Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Finding Those Keys


Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Finding Those Keys small objects are easy to misplace and lose. This is most true of our keys. How often have you been ready to head out the door and are stopped in your tracks because you cannot find your keys? You turn the place up and down for hours until you locate them in the last place you had left them. We can all relate to this because it has happened at some point in our lives. This problem is quite easy to overcome with a little practice and the formation of new habits.

If you are in a position that requires you to have a beeper, then you are in a really advantageous position to never lose your keys again. If you simply attach your beeper to your keeps, they next time you misplace them, activate your beeper. When the sound goes off you should be able to find your keys quite quickly. This can work for other small objects as well.

If you do not own a beeper, then there are other things that you can try. Simply try putting a box for keys up so it is visible. Place near to the front or main entrance to your house, so it is the first thing you see as you come in and leave. Get into the habit of putting your keys in the box. Once you do it a few times it should start to become habit forming.

If you find you continually forgetting to put your keys in the box. Then some extra reinforcement might be needed. Get a roll of quarters, at least twenty. Every time you put your keys in the box place a quarter in as well. Once you have done something twenty times it usually becomes a habit. However, if it still is not sticking in your memory empty the quarters and start again. The quarters will serve as an extra reminder of where to put your keys until the habit is formed.

No one needs expensive equipment or software to organize and remember. All you need are simple devices and time to try to form new habits. Practice makes perfect and before you know it, you will never be searching for those keys again.


Getting Organized: Dealing with Paper and Interruptions


Daily, hourly we get battered with messages and demands on bits of paper. If that is not bad enough, the phone is constantly going off forcing you to stop and re-start tasks. How are you expected to get things done with all these forces working against you? In this article we will look at ways to keep the interruptions to a minimum while you try to sort your life out.

Most of us get something in the mail every day. If it is not junk, it is bills or other things that need our attention. The highly organized person will check through their mail every day and tackle those things immediately. Most of us just stuff it all in the drawer and wish it would go away. Something you can try is to get a small wicker or plastic basket. Make a deal with yourself. Put all your mail in this small container and leave it. However, there are two conditions.

The mail must still be visible and once the container is full you need to go through everything and tackle what needs to be done. This is effective for a few reasons. It does force you to look at your mail on a regular basis. It also keeps it in a safe location, so it does not clutter up your house or office. Finally, keeping it visible will remind you it is there so it does not fall into the out of sight out of mind trap.

How many times have you set aside time to do things only to be interrupted by a constant barrage of phone calls? The more times you must stop and re-start a task the less likely it will get done. The best thing to do is set aside some time to return phone calls. If the phone keeps ringing, let it ring. Let your answering machine do its job. If you like you can even put a message for callers stating, you are otherwise engaged and will return calls at this time.

It is important not to let outside forces stop you from getting your tasks done. The more times you must restart the less likely you will finish. By keeping the mail in a safe place and setting aside time to return phone calls, you can devote your time where you need to, getting your life sorted out.

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