Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: The Natural Methods

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: The Natural Methods Vitamin D and its role in helping with depression. It is well documented that there is a link between depression and low levels of Vitamin D. 

The good news is that the most natural form, sunlight, costs us nothing! People with low levels of this vitamin are eleven times more likely to be depressed than those whose levels are normal.

Twenty minutes of full sun exposure per day is all that is required, especially on your face, hands and feet. You can achieve this by going outside (winter sun is just as effective) or by sitting by a window and soaking it into your skin through glass.

Taking a drive in your car is also a terrific way to get Vitamin D into your pores as it comes in through the windows.

Remember to use sunscreen. (The necessary vitamin will penetrate the skin through sunscreen, so you are still getting the exposure you need.)

Scientists and researchers are not certain how Vitamin D levels affect depression, they simply know that, particularly with regard to SAD, Vitamin D is a great help. As well as sunlight, you can get vitamins through eating tuna, liver, eggs, salmon, beef and cod.

You can also take it as a vitamin supplement, but these, while certainly helpful, are not as effective as sunlight and diet so get that sunshine and D-rich food into your life to be on your way to giving depression an eviction notice!

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