Kick Bad Habits Research

Kick Bad Habits Research


Bad habits keep following you wherever you go, in some form. “There are many reasons for people to start practicing bad habits.” (“Research On Bad Habits – Important Truths Revealed”) There are several ways to quit this. Several research in the past few years have rendered results.

When people researched what is the basic motivation for people to quit habits that are bad, it gave the answer that it is more because of emotional reasons that people have. (“Research On Bad Habits – Important Truths Revealed”) The successful ones are the ones who wanted to quit it badly, and succeeded, those who do not even think of it, fail.

Knowledge is best only when it is used to influence a person’s emotional balance. For instance, if a person sets up a wide network to help people quit smoking, he uses his mind to influence his emotions. The penalties because of the bad habits influence the emotional balance of a person that makes them want to quit.

Research was conducted on the habitual behavior of the brain. Researchers evaluated them with rats. Rats were made to run through a maze, which had chocolate at the other end. The rat was learning the way through the maze and responded to all information.

After some time, the brain responded only to the starting and the ending points. This is exactly the response that our brain gives when our brain gets used to the bad habits. It keeps focusing on its reward.

After some time, they removed the chocolate. Then, basal ganglia started responding to all the parts in the maze. This is exactly like quitting all the bad habits to live every moment in life.

After some time, the chocolate was put back in place, the basal ganglia started responding to the starting and ending point as before. Then, the brain again got back to the addiction, as the object was put back in place. This is exactly like the bad habits resurfacing.

A study was conducted to check the extent to which people were ready to get over the old habits and replace them with new habits. This test was conducted by testing using word tests and memorization. The research checked if the people learnt new associations after grasping similar associations first.

The test was concluded, and the results were interesting. The habits that were learnt first were below the level of consciousness, and more automatic. Stress made people revert to old habits.

There was a study related to risky behavior, and what people think about it. This survey was conducted in several parts of Canada to learn what the most dangerous thing to do was. Most of the people accepted that overeating, smoking, and drinking were all considered the most dangerous. Health habits were the riskiest habits other than thoughtless behavior.

It is important to learn how to react and tackle bad habits. The more information one knows, the greater the chances are for them to learn the ways to get over them. With all the research being put in, the bad habits might be kicked out of the system soon.

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Thank you for joining me on this adventure through “How to Kick Bad Habits Out of Your Life” I hope you have discovered some tips and tricks to help continuation with your cleaning up your own Habits or in helping others with theirs here’s to your success.

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