Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

James J. Messina, Ph.D.

Family Systems Therapy – Family Therapists Leaders –

Alfred Adler-Rudolf Driekurs-open forum Child Guidance Clinics

Murray Bowen-Multigenerational Model-Triangulation,

Differentiation of Self Virginia

Satir-Conjoint Family Therapy-Human Validation, Relational Family Therapy

Carl Whitaker-Experiential Symbolic Family Therapy-therapist coach influences change Salvador Minuchin-Structural Family Therapy-create structural change

Jay Haley-Strategic Family Therapy-solves problems now Cloe Madanes- Wife Haley-Strategic Family Therapy.

The Family Systems Perspective

Individuals ~ are best understood through assessing the interactions within an entire family.

Symptoms ~ are viewed as an expression of a dysfunction within a family.

Problematic behaviors ~


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