Encourage Your Child to Feel Important

Encourage Your Child to Feel Important

Encourage Your Child to Feel Important

If a child must develop in a healthy manner, it is necessary that he feels worthy and important. A good self-esteem is a child’s safety against a world of challenges. When you feel good about yourself, you find it easier to manage challenges and conflicts and resist negative pressure. (“Instilling A Sense of Self Worth in Children – Reasons It …”)

Such children tend to readily smile and mostly enjoy their lives. They are optimistic and realistic.

Children with a healthy self-esteem are proven to be over all respectful and well-rounded kids who usually do well in academics as well as extra-curricular activities and have a healthy relationship with their friends and peers.

On the other hand, children who have a damaged sense of self-worth have lower self-esteem and they are not able to cope up with challenges and are often anxious and frustrated. It is common for children with low self-esteem to show withdrawal symptoms as they get more depressed and passive and show weak problem-solving ability.

Parents are instrumental in how their children feel about themselves and it is their duty to make sure their children feel worthy and loved. When you child does an excellent job, remember to always praise him or her for the job as well as for the effort.

“Recognize and compliment their natural traits and support them in the process of learning from failures and mistakes.” (“Instilling A Sense of Self Worth in Children – Reasons It …”) You should always be sincere and honest when you praise them.

Parental Control Check Your Kids

They must learn that everybody suffers self-doubt in their lives but regardless of how often you make mistakes, it is important to feel valued and important. “When you teach by example and show your child how you go about dealing positively with day-to-day matters, the child automatically learns the same.” (“Encourage Your Child to Feel Important – Todays Parenting”)

“Never expose the child to a self-depreciating environment or activities that lower your own worth.” (“Instilling A Sense of Self Worth in Children – Reasons It …”)

“Often children have irrational and inaccurate beliefs about themselves and their traits and abilities.” (“Encourage Your Child to Feel Important – Todays Parenting”) Emphasize your child’s positive qualities and urge them to have realistic expectations and to set proper standards for themselves.

Encourage them to recognize their positive traits and skills and show them how to develop these so that they can accomplish their goals. Also, to ensure that your child has good team spirit, encourage involvement in cooperative activities.

Giving your child a positive environment with positive activities ensures that your child will develop a strong self-esteem and a high sense of worth and value which will equip them in their adult years.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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