Best Way How to Stop a Breakup

Best Way How to Stop a Breakup

Best Way How to Stop a Breakup If you feel like your partner has lost that loving’ feeling and they are getting ready to break up with you, your first response is panic. You do not need to panic though, even if things have gotten bad between you and your partner, it still may be possible to prevent a breakup.

Here are some tips on the best way to stop a breakup before it happens.

  1. The first thing you must do is try to figure out what the problem is. This step will not be all that hard since it is likely that your partner has been complaining about various issues for some time. Try to evaluate their major complaints and honestly decide whether they have a valid reason to be upset.

If you can honestly say that the issues your partner has been complaining about are either very petty, or things that have always been a part of your relationship but were never a source of annoyance before, it’s possible that those aren’t the real issues and you’ll have to ask your partner what the problem really is, they may not even know until they stop to think about it.

  1. Once you have identified the major source of friction in your relationship, what can you do to fix it? At this point only concentrate on what you must do to make things right. If your relationship is going to work out both of you will eventually have to work together but for now, it is enough for your partner to see you facing the issues head on and trying to find a solution.
  1. You may benefit from visiting a therapist. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge to face things that may be obvious, but we choose to ignore them. We ignore them for one of two reasons: either the reality is painful, so we choose not to see it, or we see something we do not like in ourselves, and it is easier to pretend that it does not really exist.
  1. Being able to communicate with your partner is the number 1 most essential element to any good relationship and if your relationship is on the rocks, it is more important than ever. You and your partner have fallen into a pattern where you end up in a fight every time you try to talk. In many cases this is because you may be talking but you are not communicating. You are both just worried about being ‘right’ and getting your point across and you are so busy trying to prove you are right that neither of you is really listening to what the other is trying to explain to you.


The two of you will have to stop and really listen to each other. It will take a little time to re-train yourselves in the appropriate way to communicate with each other.

If you love your partner and you do not want to break up, these tips might be the best way to stop a breakup. Just remember that it takes love, patience, and communication to make any relationship not only work, but to be great.

Regards, Coyalita

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