7 Types of Fear

7 Types of Fear

7 Types of Fear– Fear of Responsibility The fear of responsibility is directly related to the fear of failure and the fear of risk.

Some people also fear responsibility because they don’t like to be held accountable for their actions. They prefer to blame others rather than honestly confront themselves.

How it holds you back

This fear can hold you back professionally because you gain a reputation as someone who shuns responsibility and therefore, has no commitment or dedication to their career.

Taking full responsibility is the mark of leaders and high achievers. They hold themselves fully accountable for their actions and the outcomes of their decisions.

They quickly jump in to fix mistakes and address emergency situations rather than waste time blaming themselves or others. 

In your personal life, the fear of responsibility can be extremely detrimental to relationships. You may delay important decisions like marriage or starting a family.

You may experience a painful breakup or lose potential partners because you’re seen as someone who shuns commitment.

Action steps

Fix your flaws

Train yourself to become more responsible by honestly identifying your flaws and reflecting on them. You may tend to interrupt others in conversation or not listen actively.

You may tend to gossip. You could be holding yourself back by seeing yourself as the perpetual victim. We all have personal flaws that we can work on improving.

Whatever your own may be, make the intention to fix them and become a better person. In the process, you’ll realize that taking responsibility feels great!

Learn to apologize

People who fear responsibility often find it hard to apologize for their mistakes. Commit to apologizing when you make a mistake or feel that you’ve offended someone. Any simple apology will do.

For example,I’m sorry if that sounded rude, I didn’t mean it to be” or “I’m sorry for not responding to your email promptly but I was having a hectic day.” There’ll be opportunities every day to make an apology so take advantage of them as often as you can. 

Don’t worry, it gets easier over time. And again, you’ll feel great about having the integrity and honesty to admit you were wrong.

Make promises and keep them

Never commit to something unless you can keep your
commitment. This is an integral part of learning to take responsibility. Failing to follow through with promises is the quickest way to lose respect or even important people in your life.

Stop blaming others

Don’t take the easy way out by blaming others, even if they are wrong. Stay alert to this negative reaction because quite simply, it’s not going to fix anything.

When something goes wrong, ditch the blame game and look for ways to set things right. If you feel that someone needs to be made aware of a mistake, you can explain to them later what they did wrong and how they can avoid it the next time around.

Likewise, stay alert to your feelings of perpetual victimhood. Be brutally honest with yourself because you know that the world isn’t out to get you.

If you are being treated unfairly or victimized in some way, only you can change that. Own up to the fact that you can take control of your life and change any negative situation.

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