7 Types of Fear

7 Types of Fear

7 Types of Fear Fear of Rejection/Ridicule This fear is related to emotional pain and trauma. For some of us, it has its roots in childhood, where we experienced some form of abuse or bullying.

These types of experiences and the negative emotions associated with them are often repressed. They continue to fester inside, causing fear of rejection or ridicule.

How it holds you back

One of the most dangerous consequences of this fear is that we can become obsessed with seeking approval. As a result, we may stifle our individuality and personal opinions to ‘conform’ or ‘fit in’. This could be very detrimental to personal growth and creativity.

Even worse, the desire to avoid ridicule or rejection can drive us to compromise our values and beliefs. In other words, we sell ourselves out. What’s more, we know it and feel terrible about it. This can lead to self-hate, one of the most toxic emotions of all.

Action steps

Surround yourself with the right people

These are family members, friends and colleagues who totally love and accept you as you are. They see all your brilliant qualities and are generous with encouragement and support.

Surround yourself with as many of these people as you can. They’ll give you the confidence and self-worth to deal with criticism and rejection and accept that you just can’t please everyone.

Stand up for something you believe in

Find a cause that you’re passionate about such as the environmental crisis, world hunger or animal rights.

Educate yourself on the topic and join an advocacy group. Speak about your cause to others and try to enlist their efforts. This applies to your political, religious, and moral convictions as well.

You don’t necessarily need to advertise them to all and sundry but don’t be afraid to speak up and defend them with courage and conviction.

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