10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health

10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health

10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health Sign 9: Dramatic Weight Gain Although there’s no evidence that removing gluten from your diet can lead to weight loss, following a gluten-free diet may prompt you to eat more unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables.

Also, those who follow a gluten-free diet are more likely to make healthier food choices simply because they are aware of the importance of reading food labels.

That aside, it’s already been confirmed by a study that gluten can cause weight gain. The study which was conducted by a Brazilian research team and published in the January 2013 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry attempted to examine the differences between gluten-fed rats and rats that had a gluten-free diet in terms of their biochemical markers.

Their aim was to put an end to the so-called “wheat belly” controversy and confirm whether or not gluten can cause weight gains.

In the study, both groups of rats were subjected to high-fat diets. However, one was gluten-free while the other had 4.5% gluten in their foods. It turns out that the group which was gluten-free exhibited a significant weight loss with no trace of lipid fat excretion.

According to Green Med Info’s founder, Sayer Ji, instead of calories, gluten is actually the major factor of obesity. Also, the fact that both groups were given high-fat diets and the gluten- free group experienced weight loss without excreting lipids also means that fat-free diets with the aim of losing weight are just fraud.

He also recommends avoiding gluten-rich foods, especially weight, to find out if gluten consumption could be the underlying cause of an unexpected weight gain.

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