What Is Anger Management?

“Whether it is road rage, a provoked emotional outpouring of anger, or losing your temper over something silly, every one of us have lost our tempers at one time or another.” (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

Anger management only becomes an issue when we are no longer able to control our anger and have destructive outbursts. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

“A destructive outburst does not necessarily mean that you have broken something, or physically hurt someone, as a manifestation of your anger, it just means that, because of your inability to control your angry responses to a real or perceived stimulus, you have done something harmful to someone, something, or even to yourself.” (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

When your anger controls you, you may feel you are at the mercy of something that you cannot control. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”) Anger can cause you to do things you normally would never do, and even things you could regret for the rest of your life. (“Anger Management- common reasons people become angry …”)

Anger can even affect your physical well-being in many ways. “Studies have shown that anger causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise.” (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”) Hormones, like adrenaline and noradrenalin, also rise when you are angry.

Anger can push you backwards emotionally, into the cave men era, when the fight or flight response was the only way to stay alive in an uncivilized world, so not only does uncontrolled anger effect your life in the areas of your personal relationships with others, but it also affects you physically as well.

Anger management is a learned skill, so it is more common in youngsters and teens, who have not learned good coping skills to deal with their anger. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”) Should you feel you are at risk of losing your temper in a way that could harm you, or others, you should always seek professional help. “Ask your parents, pastor, physician, school counselor, or a trusted, responsible friend for help.” (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

The following is a list of suggestions for when you begin to feel your anger getting out of control. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

  1. Take a time out. Just take a break away from the object of your anger.
  2. Beat a pillow or punching bag.
  3. Draw or illustrate your feelings of anger.
  4. Write about your feelings.
  5. Run around the block, exercise, or do hard physical labor.

These may not be long term solutions but can provide an opportunity for your initial feelings of rage a chance to cool, so you can think more logically about your options for anger management. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

Why Not Watch an Anger Management Movie?

Apart from books, literature, pamphlets, websites, and movies on the subject of Anger Management are available today to help persons affected by uncontrollable fits of rage and frenzied reactions to intense anger so they can find healthy alternatives to reacting to a tense situation or person, without affecting those around them negatively – or even harm themselves, which is a common phenomenon. (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

“While most anger management programs are designed to bring attention to the problem being a real one for the persons affected by extreme bouts of anger, not all are beneficial for everybody, since individuals are different in personality and level of anger expressed.” (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

This means while some persons with anger-issues can tune in to the root cause of their problem behavior by reading a book, others get immediate help from verbalizing their reactions and feelings before a counselor or support group that lets them know they are not unique in their having a problem; still others need to vent their angry energies through physical efforts so taking up a sport is the best form of releasing pent-up frustration and hurt that are the underlying factors for anger at times.

There are many websites on anger management and persons who are not keen on reading a book or joining up with a support group and less sporty kinds can benefit from visiting and clicking around these sites to gain useful insight into a variety of anger management techniques they can incorporate into their life to control, tame and redirect their angry emotions in a healthy manner as opposed to an angry outburst. (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

The most effective form of an anger management strategy, however, is to watch a movie on the subject as the common theme will help make an individual realize before their eyes the true nature of others also having a similar problem so they do not feel judged unfairly besides learning about how destructive uncontrolled anger can be as typically these movies have a positive moral behind them. (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

An anger management movie aims at providing viewers with identifiable situations depicting persons displaying their anger in a negative manner and the negative consequences of it; in the audio-video mode of a movie, it is imminently more hard-hitting for movie-goers with anger-issues to tune in and understand the necessity to change their pattern of reacting to tense situations, be it the theme of bullying, abusive spouses, battered kids or other common subjects.

A natural reaction for an angry person is to blame anyone in their way and so, viewing a movie on a common theme that is close to their own life situation helps the individual identify and recognize how they can improve through a workable strategy to control their abrasive nature. (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

“Apart from showing angry situations and persons filled with negative emotions that are vented in an undesirable fashion, an anger management movie also aims at providing info on various techniques that are depicted through the different actors in the film as to how to better deal with a particular situation or anger-inducing person/conversation.” (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

A fitting ending would be to show an angry individual who has transformed through the step-by-step training for desirable behavior through the course of the movie – like an incentive for viewers tuned in to the anger management movie! (“Effective Anger Management Strategies – Watch A Movie To …”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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