Use Super Tech for Business Excellence

Use Super Tech for Business Excellence

Use Super Tech for Business Excellence – Joel Barker, visionary author of Future Edge, paves a road to excellence for the future. Is your company doing this? Is your competition doing this? This article, in the first paragraph, details the 3 required traits.

The paradigm Shift in Electronics and Industrial Sales

A Paradigm is a set of rules and regulations that does two things:

1. It establishes and defines boundaries.
2. It tells how to behave inside the boundaries

Instill 3 Traits for Excellence and Super Abundance

Joel Barker in his book Future Edge, lists 3 traits; a culture of excellence, innovation and anticipation as the three. He says not one, not two, but all three must be present.

A culture of excellence is first and this excellence must permeate from the initial product design to the after-sales product support.

W. Edwards Deming was a leader in promoting excellence in the
area of TQM or Total Quality Management.

The second key is innovation. Innovation is the way you gain a competitive edge. Innovation joined with the excellence culture is a powerful one two punch.

This is not enough for sustained market leadership however, and there is one elusive skill that must be added to the mix.


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