Supplements for Diabetics

Supplements for Diabetics

Supplements for DiabeticsConclusion I hope you enjoyed this eBook. As I am a diabetic myself, I have read extensively on the subject, looking for natural ways to control my diabetes.

There is a lot of information that is misleading, most of which is backed by and promoted by big pharmaceutical companies whose interest is only to sell drugs regardless of what they may do to your health.

The fact is that there is no such thing as a safe drug and never will be. Your body and mine were never meant to take in chemicals foreign to it. Pumping your lungs with cigarette smoke, breathing in toxic car exhausts and industrial pollution adds more enemies than your immune system can handle.

With a lifestyle of fast and convenient food we are fast losing the battle for health. More people as they get older are experiencing more diseases than ever before. It’s sad to see our nursery homes filled with debilitated patients whose only hope is to die.

Old age should be vibrant and there are those who live to a ripe old age with all their reasoning faculties intact. Study them and you’ll find that an active lifestyle and natural food is what keeps them healthy. Old age does not mean senility and loss of function!

I strongly believe and live by these codes:

● We are never meant to be sick! We were meant to be alive and active. It simply is not natural for us to get sick!

● Prescription drugs should be a last resort, not the first!

● Natural treatments are far superior to any chemical laden drug including chemotherapy and radiation treatments. There is no substitute to getting lots of rest and drinking fluids to get over something as simple as the common cold.

● There is a cure for cancer and many other debilitating diseases. But there are those with deep pockets who would rather that you didn’t know about them so they can continue to make a profit from you.

● Prevention is the best medicine.

● You must be your own doctor. Your body signals you when something is wrong. Realize what your body is telling you so you can take steps to correct the problem before it becomes chronic.

● Nature supplies its own remedies.

● When it comes to matters of health don’t completely trust your doctor. You don’t want to be a victim to a doctor who’s looking out for his bottom line. Always question what you read and hear. Ask your doctor why you should take a standard drug. Ask him if there are better alternatives and especially ask for the side effects of the drugs, he wants you to take. Don’t be easily deceived by negative reports when it comes to vitamins, minerals and herbs.

● The mind and body are inter-related. One cannot work when the other is in disharmony. The state of our minds can make the body ill. Fill your body with junk food and your mind will be sluggish and prone to mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.

● Your health and not making money should be your primary concern. No amount of money, your house or your car is going to make much sense if you’re trying to save your life from cancer and diabetes!

Regards, Coyalita

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