Self-Improvement Made Easy Unlock Your Self Improvement Power

Self-Improvement Made Easy Unlock Your Self Improvement Power

Self-Improvement Made Easy Unlock Your Self Improvement Power to unlock the infinite power of self you must understand what Self is. Yourself consists of three core elements: your body, your mind and your spirit. You must work on each one of these elements as part of the self-improvement process. Each part of self affects the other and each is as important as the other.

Self-Improvement Through Body

Your body is the vehicle with which you interact with physical life. Through your body you communicate with the world around you. Your mind uses your body to express itself, your spirit uses your body to experience itself. You must keep your body as fit and active as it is possible for it to be for the rest of your life. Improve your diet.

There is so much information on nutrition and health. Feed your body so that it can perform at an optimal level every day. Your body includes your hair and skin, your heart, your blood, your respiratory system, and your hormones. What are the foods that you need to consume that keep these parts of the body functioning at their peak – always?

Your body was built as a strong active working machine. It has been constructed for a potential life of well over a hundred years. If you do not let your body do what it was designed for it will falter and fail. As well as feeding body for optimum health you must also exercise it so that it can renew itself. Your muscles keep themselves strong by use. The same can be said of your brain too.

Self-Improvement Through Mind

It is through the mind that you make the decisions for your body. Everything that you are today has been planned out by your mind. The job you do, how much you earn, the person you married, your weight, your beauty, your car, your house etc., etc. Through your mind and your thoughts, you have created your present life experience.

If you want self-improvement in any part of your life as you experience it know you must improve your mind. Knowledge is a key that opens so many doors. Improve your mind through the acquisition of information. You want a better job and to earn more money. What do you need to know to get from where you are to where you want to get to? Do you need extra qualifications or to retrain?

However, improving the conscious mind is the easier part. The difficulty is the subconscious mind which also has a huge part to play in your life as you experience it today. You are overweight because you eat inappropriately. You find it difficult to resist the urge to binge on chocolate, but you do not know why.

The answer lies somewhere in your subconscious where you have stored learned behavior from the past. Once you access the subconscious you can change what is stored there and thus improve your behavior. There are several professionals and therapies who can help you improve yourself through the mind and there are a few self-help techniques you can use.

Self-Improvement Through Spirit

Such concepts as faith, hope, joy, contentment, peace, and love all fall within the realm of the spirit. You do not have to be religious to know the essential nature of these things to fully experience a life of the highest quality. However, collaborating with the spirit is different than working with the body and mind.

You can work to improve your body and mind, but you must work to let your spirit improve you. Just taking time on a regular basis to contact your spirit will bring you self-improvement at the most profound level. Religious structures and practices have been put in place by our ancestors to help us commune with the spirit. You may choose to follow a religion or find your own path but without good spiritual health you will find the power of self-improvement in all areas much more difficult to unleash.

Achieving Self Improvement

The kind of competitive environment we live in today calls for a little something extra from all of us. Simply having a college degree does not seem to be as important as before, anymore, as most workplaces look for hires and candidates that have an additional skill or interest before they take them under their wings.

Whether it is proficiency in a particular software or fluency in more than one language, employers are now obviously more impressed with someone with longer credentials.

Self-improvement, however, does not just mean equipping oneself with additional office-related skills. It can also entail learning another hobby, like knitting, candle-making, or carpentry, or participating in a new group, like Greenpeace, a dance troupe, or a drama class. Whatever it is, its goal is to help you achieve or learn something greater than what you already know and have.

Everyone would want to improve themselves. There is not anybody in this world who would refuse an opportunity to be better at something, given man’s nature of being always dissatisfied with their personal circumstances. Someone somewhere in the world would like to have a better life, dream of getting a new car, fantasize about learning how to swim or do water ballet and imagine being able to multiply three-digit numbers in less than 10 seconds.

In addition, self-improvement is also a quest to get recognized and appreciated more. People are often dissatisfied with themselves and what they have because they feel envious of other people’s fortune. They seek to improve themselves because they want to be in the spotlight even for just an abbreviated time, or, if they do not like that much attention, at least have somebody pat them on the back and tell them they have done a decent job.

It is a way to reassure oneself that their capacity to learn is not limited and that they can advance and grow if only they put their mind and heart into the undertaking.

Self-improvement is not about beating everyone else in the game of life. It means being happy and satisfied with oneself. It means that life has a lot more to offer all of us than what we are currently enjoying and that we could achieve this if we work at it.

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