Self-Improvement Made Easy Thinking Through Your Goals

Self-Improvement Made Easy Thinking Through Your Goals


Self-Improvement Made Easy Thinking Through Your Goals -Thinking through your goals before you make them is a good plan so that you make sure to make wise ones. You want to have goals that are at your skill level as well as goals that are going to challenge you and help you grow as an individual. Goals that are slightly out of your grasp, but not so far out of reach, will inspire you to concentrate on goal setting.

When you are setting your goals there are some factors that you should consider as you are setting them.

These factors include:

(1) other commitments that you have,

(2) how much time you must devote to achieving your goal,

(3) what skills you need to acquire to work towards your goal, and

(4) what other life experiences you expect to take part in during that time. Measure your goals based on the above factors so that you can set them effectively.

There are some specific questions that you should be asking yourself as you set your goals:

  • Will I need help or collaboration along the way?
  • What resources will I need?
  • What obstacles can I anticipate?
  • Is there more than one way of reaching my goal?
  • What knowledge, skills, and information do I need to obtain to reach my goal?
  • Am I seeing the whole picture?

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