Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Handling

Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Handling Big Task


Self-Improvement Made Easy Getting Organized: Handling Big Task can be very daunting. Sometimes the mere thought of them can make you feel tired. However, they must be done and done well. They next time your faced with a huge task, try planning it in advance. The reason being you can organize your big task into several small tasks.

If you are, for example, having to clean your entire house for guests or other reasons, start planning. Divide the house’s room by room and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Tick off every individual item as it gets done. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment. As you move through the house, you start to see things take shape which will inspire you to get more done.

Big tasks are usually a mixed blessing. They will be made up of things you enjoy doing as well as things that you dread. If you can, attack those things you dread first. Do them early in the day when your energy level is high. This will get them done quicker and allow you to do the more enjoyable things later.

Leaving the less desirable items until late in the day will virtually guarantee they will not get accomplished. This will lead to them being put off until a later date if they get it done at all.

Every big task can be shattered into loads of small tasks. The key is starting ahead of time and planning. By doing this your big tasks will not seem so daunting.


Getting Organized: Handling Papers and Interruptions


Even though we were under constant pressure to go paperless, it still consumes a large part of our space. Many of us shove it into a drawer and hope it disappears while others of us just make lovely stacks. In an ideal world, we would open all our mail and deal with the issues immediately.

However, we do not live in an ideal world. However, there is a good middle ground that most of us can achieve. Try purchasing a small wicker or plastic basket.

When your mail comes, place it in there. You can do this on two conditions. You need to keep your mail visible. In other words, do not cover it up and when it gets full you must go through and deal with it. This is effective because it keeps the paper in one place and forces you to deal with business on a frequent basis.

Paperwork can consume us if we are not careful. For some reason we cannot bring ourselves to throw a lot of it away. None of us are particularly attached to paperwork but we fear the day we might need that document and throw it out.

Here is what you can do. Gather up your paperwork into nice stacks. Take out things such as tax returns, marriage, divorce and birth certificates, passports, and tax returns.

Once those items are separated, box up the rest. Put the date, one year to the current date at the top of the box. If the year passes and you have not had to go into the box, chances are that you will not have to. It is safe to chuck it away.

Finally, how many times have you been getting on with tasks, only to be interrupted with a series of phone calls? The more times you must start, stop, and restart a task the less likely you are to finish it.

Do yourself a favor; set aside a time to answer your phone calls. If the phone keeps ringing, then let it ring. Let your answering machine or other family members take messages. If it is that important, they will call back.

Organizing is not that difficult. Many times, you just must allow yourself time to get things done. Keep your time sacred for doing tasks and answering the calls at another time.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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