Parental Control Should I Create a Screen Name For My Child?

Parental Control

Parental Control Should I Create a Screen Name for My Child?

Considering parental controls for your child is something all parents today that have a computer within their home should do.” (“Should I Create a Screen Name for My Child? – Parents Club”) Here is why. Your child gets online and visits with a simple and safe online environment such as a chat room or a message board. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

They begin communicating with people from in their neighborhood or around the world. But, although they are just talking and being innocent, the other person that they could be talking to is nothing like what they seem. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”)

They could be a predator. Or they could be another kid just like your own. (“Using Parental Control Wisely – Filthfilter”) The problem is that there is no way of knowing who they are.

The problem with using parent controls for your child on your own screen name means that you will have to implement those controls on yourself. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”) This is difficult to do since most adults do not want to be limited in where they go and what they do.

That is fine because many internet service providers allow you to create additional screen names that fit under your account. That means that you can create a new screen name for your child that can have its own parental controls on it, helping to protect your child. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”)

Once you have your own child set up with their own screen name, the process of setting up parental controls is simple. It takes just a few minutes to go in and create the rules that you want your child following. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”)

Selecting the appropriate tools will help you to monitor what your child is doing so that you do not have to limit your own access to the internet. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”) In most cases, various levels of protection are available so that you can select the one that is right for your child. Take the time to ensure that you talk to them about why you are using parental controls. Do not use it as a punishment, but a protection for your child’s well-being.

Parental controls can be very limiting, and they can be quite liberal. “As a child gets older, he or she may not require as much protection as they did in the beginning.” (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”) As a parent, it is important to educate you are your child the risks of being online. It is also important to monitor how well their parental controls are working for both your needs of protection and their needs to be online. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR Ebook” Download!!”) The right decisions can be made so that everyone can get online and do what they need and want to.

Parental Control: A Child’s View

Parental Control

As a good parent, you realize the importance of using parental controls to help protect your child while they are on the internet. But controlling your child’s behavior online can be somewhat of a downer for them. (“Using Parental Control Wisely – Filthfilter”) They want to get online to play fun games, to talk with their friends and yes, even to study.

There does not have to be a limit to either side of this coin. You can set your child’s parental control levels appropriately to allow them to do age-appropriate things that they want to do and still have some control over the situation. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR eBook” Download!!”) But, to make this work, you must communicate them.

Communicate Your Needs

“The first thing that you should do before ever allowing your child to get online, is talk to them about the risks.” (“Using Parental Control Wisely – Filthfilter”) If you instructed your child never to talk to strangers when walking home from school and to hold an adult’s hand to cross the street, then you need to help them to understand the reasons why they need to be protected online as well. “Simply educating them about what the risks are will provide a level of protection to your child in and of itself.” (“Using Parental Control Wisely – Filthfilter”) But it is up to you to make this happen for your child.

Talk to your child about internet predators. Inform your child how easy it is for an adult to pretend to be another kid. They often spend hours studying how to do this, in fact, so that they are knowledgeable of the latest trends. The result is that your child really does believe there is another child on the other end of that instant message, and they are more than willing to tell that child anything they need to know. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR eBook” Download!!”)

Talk to your child about

  • What information should not be given over the internet such as last names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Tell your child never to talk about the specific school that they go to
  • Talk to your child about the appropriate and inappropriate subjects that should be talked about online • Inform your child how to react and what to do when they do not feel comfortable anymore. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR eBook” Download!!”) Make sure they know that you will not be mad at them.
  • Talk to them about parental controls that are a tool you will be using to protect them, not to limit them. (“NEW PLR – “Instilling the Right Values PLR eBook” Download!!”)

These are just a few of the especially important things you need to talk to your child about regarding getting on the web. Most children today are educated enough in computer lingo and methods to be able to get around some of the controls you put in place. For that reason, educating your child to the “why” is essential to their well-being. Again, if you taught your child to never talk to strangers, you need to help them realize that the web is full of strangers. (“Parental control -_how_to_check_your_kids!”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

See Tomorrow: “Parental Control: Different Levels of Protection”


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