Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: Natural Methods to Help Treat Depressive Illness.

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: Natural Methods to Help Treat Depressive Illness. Nature has provided us with many ways to help deal with depression. Through my experiences of trial and error, I will illustrate for you some of the things that have really helped me and others I know to control this illness.

When my diagnosis of depression was first made, I was twenty- eight years old and had a family history of it. My family doctor tried three diverse types of anti-depressant medications.

It turned out that I am allergic to one or more of the compounds common to all anti-depressant drugs: I suffered hallucinations, time loss, nausea and vomiting in the extreme, hypertension and a level of insomnia I have never experienced, in spite of having had it since my teens.

I was unable to keep food down and was too scared to eat because of how my body would react. Because I could not take any form of anti-depressant medication, I began my search for other methods to help me deal with it.

I was first diagnosed in winter and was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD quite badly, with all the symptoms of it which I have listed above, so dealing with that was my priority.

Many hours of research and conversations with other sufferers led me first to something we all need: Vitamin D.

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