Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: Keep Away from Alcohol. 

Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Depression: Keep Away from Alcohol. Depression is difficult enough to treat without making it even harder by the misuse of alcohol.

Alcohol is a depressant and, when drinking regularly, to excess or binge drinking, it will only make your depression worse.

The numbing effect common with alcohol may make you believe, at least temporarily, that you feel better, but, in reality it is doing your fight against depressive illness far more harm than good.

Add to that the fact that a lot of alcohol contains a great deal of sugar, and your situation is even worse.

The low moods become even lower, and the highs are few, far between and temporary.

No mental health professional would ever advocate the use of alcohol, even if it did, for a very short time, alleviate anxiety, nervousness, depression and mood swings so, do yourself and your brain and liver a favor and stay away from it.

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