Money Saving Tips Credit Cards

Money Saving Tips Credit Cards

Money Saving Tips Credit Cards

Money Saving Tips Credit Cards in today’s world, all of us have at least one credit card. The Average family in America owes between 10-20 different lenders, half of this is to credit cards. Owning a credit card has become much easier than in previous years.

This has produced both good and bad results. We can have what we want faster but we end up paying much more for it overall. If cutting up your credit cards is not a practical idea, then give close attention to the money saving tips in this article. With some careful planning you could see your monthly bills start to drop at a much faster rate.

Credit card companies make their money by charging interest. Each month a portion of your payment goes to clearing the balance and the rest goes to interest. Some credit card companies have gotten greedy with the amount of interest they charge.

Company and store cards are the worst sometimes charging between 30-40% interests. Those in this situation have a few options. You should try applying for a major credit card such as visa or master card. Their interest rates will vary depending on which bank it is through. However, there rates are much lower than those of store cards. Major credit cards allow for higher limits. You could consolidate all your high interest store cards onto one major credit card and save money.

For those that already have major credit cards, there is several money saving tips to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. There are so many credits card companies that they now must compete for business. This creates a few opportunities for customers.

You should first phone your credit card company and simply ask for a lower rate. If you have been a good customer and continually pay your bill on time, then they should do it for you. If you are unsuccessful then you should shop around. Apply for a card with a lower rate of interest and transfer the balance over. Even a 2-3 percent difference in interest rate can add up to substantial savings over time.

Credit Cards can be quite costly over an extended period. However, by following the money saving tips in this article, you can reduce your payments significantly and keep more money for yourself.

Money Saving Tips for The Home

Money Saving Tips for The Home

Many of us cringe when we see the arrival of our Gas/Electric bills. You know the amount is not going to be pleasing and many feel there is nothing that they can do. Contrary to widespread belief, there is a fair bit that families can do to save energy and cut their utility bills down. By following the money saving tips in this article, you will save both energy and money.

The first money saving tip you could try, is to compare prices of utility companies. There may be cheaper options available to you. These companies must compete like any other which could result in substantial savings for you.

If you live in an area with one utility company, or yours is the cheapest option, then your next option is to try to use less energy. This may seem impossible, but it is not. Even by applying amazingly simple energy saving techniques, you can accumulate quite a large amount of savings.

One energy and money saving tip are to switch off all the lights in your home except in the room you are using. People continually leave lights in unoccupied rooms on either through forgetfulness or only plain neglect. This will increase your electric bill quite substantially over time. By switching off lights you could save several hundred dollars over the course of a year.

If you live in an older home, you may want to consider insulation. Insulation cuts down on the amount of heat that escapes your home. By adding insulation savings of 20-30 percent are possible. If you have a boiler in your home, you may want to insulate that as well.

This helps keep your water warmer, especially during the winter months. You save on the amount of water used as well as the heat required for it to become hot. Insulating your boiler also reduces the wear and tear helping it to last longer.

Many people do not bother trying to cut down on their energy costs because the fear that there is little that they can do. However, by shopping around and using less you may be amazed at how much of a difference there is. By cutting down on energy, you are saving money as well as helping the environment.

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