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Anger Management

Anger is of several types and can be classified into categories. Recognizing the classification of your anger will help you deal with it better overall. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)

  1. Behavioral Anger: When a person experiences behavioral anger, he or she usually confronts the subject that angers them, which is usually another person. Physical harm may follow verbal rudeness. Such are the characteristics of behavioral anger. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  2. Chronic Anger: A person that suffers from chronic anger does not always have a rational explanation of why he is angry all the time. (“Psychology… A Delve…. From ME towards I …”) Such people hate the world that they live in, hate themselves, hate everybody else and fly into tempers at the slightest motivation.
  3. Constructive Anger: A person who deals with his anger by canalizing the anger into a constructive path such as self-improvement is said to have constructive anger. This is often a result of self-help and anger management courses.
  4. Deliberate Anger: When a person deliberately poses as he has anger, often as a ploy to control subordinates, this type is called deliberate anger. It is usually a fake enacting of anger but could escalate into other forms of anger occasionally. Deliberate anger also leaves quickly, especially when confronted. (“Psychology… A Delve…. From ME towards I …”)
  5. Judgmental Anger: people suffering from this form of anger usually put other people down in front of gatherings, to try and make themselves look superior. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  6. Overwhelming anger: As the name suggests, this form of anger exists when the emotion has really got to the root of a person. People experiencing overwhelming anger just cannot stand the situation they are in, and often find destructive means of relieving themselves by self-hurt or by hurting other people physically. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  7. Paranoid Anger: The paranoid form of anger is totally without just cause. People often work themselves into a frenzy imagining that someone was against them. This is called paranoid anger. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  8. Passive Anger: This is a controlled form of anger where the person experiencing it does not directly show his anger. Instead, he resorts to mocking the person who angers him, in a sarcastic manner. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  9. Retaliatory Anger: This happens because of another person’s anger towards you. When you retaliate in self-defense in an angry manner, this is called retaliatory anger. (“HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ANGER”)
  10. Self- Inflicted Anger: Here, a person who is angry with himself punishes himself by inflicting pain upon his own body. (“Psychology… A Delve…. From ME towards I …”) This is a common phenomenon with drug addicts.
  11. Verbal Anger: Here, the only damage that is done is verbal abuse to other people. This could often be the beginning of other forms of anger.
  12. Volatile Anger: This could range from mild anger to an absolute fury and leaves just as suddenly as it comes. The intensity and the time depend on how well it is controlled by the individual. (“Anger Management – 12 Types of Anger Exposed”)

Courses: Why do You Need Them?

There are only a few people who can honestly say they have their anger under control. Most of us do fly into rages when the right strings are pulled by other people or by situations that come up every now and again.

You do not have to have made a crucial mistake to register yourself in an anger management course. You need to do so before that happens. As it is wisely said, a stitch in time saves nine, and that is extremely true with anger management.

Take control of your anger before you cause some severe damage.

How To Effectively Control Your Anger

Employers often arrange seminars and guest lectures on anger management, because they know that when tempers are under control, there will prevail a better work environment in the company. This is especially true with jobs where deadlines are tight.

Non-Government Organizations also arrange anger management courses every now and again, most of which are chaotic situation to attend. That is a suitable place to start if you are looking to get that anger under control.

Finding the right anger management course: The internet is a suitable place to begin looking for the right course in anger management. You will also find several e-books and articles on the subject, many of which would be free to download.

Most organizations will have their advertisements published online, and you could well find an anger management course in your city simply by looking online. If that does not work, try the yellow pages. The right anger management course could be just a phone call away.

Why you would want to enroll in such a course: Well, the foremost reason is that it is going to help you live a better life. However, some people would not want to accept that they need help, and the worst cases usually fall into this category, it would be great for a trusted friend or family member to intervene as counselor to such people.

Chronic abusers and recovering drug addicts are people who need help with anger management. This is however not so easy at times. It is a challenging task to convince someone they need help when they do not want to accept the fact. It is better to leave the counseling to the trained professional psychologists and counselors. It is enough if you as family member or friend, could convince the person in question, to meet with a professional.

Once a person is enrolled in an anger management course, that is half the battle won right there. In just a few sessions he or she realizes they are getting in control of their emotions and therefore in control of their lives, and that is not a feeling that anyone dislikes.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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