Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Diseases abound in various forms and types and are damn costly to treat, and with the economic news causing many sleepless nights, due to their negative effect on the wages. This
means that an average man’s salary is not sufficient anymore to cover for medical needs, while receiving a serious beating from the household budget let alone school expenses. These
reasons have driven many people to seek exclusive health insurance plans that will safeguard their future.

Individual based health insurance is a program that affords many people peace of mind. Subscribers to this kind of individual based health insurance schemes always have a reason to smile, and that’s because of the security it offers, who wouldn’t be happy to know that whatever happens to them, their loved ones or relatives they are secure and safe from the ever-increasing costs of medical treatment and related diagnostic procedures.

This model of individual health insurance program is stated to have began after the Second World War, the American government provided utmost assistance to its citizens, then in the 1950, a form of health insurance program named Medicare was introduced by the US government of the time, to assist the financially disadvantaged people of different states.

The 1960’s saw the introduction of medical support to the elderly, this program offered individual health insurance to the elderly population. Medicaid and Medicare health insurance schemes were launched in 1965. These two health insurance programs offered individual insurance cover sustained by the government.

Medicaid personal health insurance program was administered by the administration for Social Security, while social and rehabilitation service was the government agency that provided Medicaid.

There are many personal health insurance plan options available, and a person only has to select the one that suits their individual needs. Customary individual health insurance programs allowed a person the privilege of using his own physician and hospital of choice too.

HMO is a form of exclusive health insurance program that offers its own health care experts and hospitals that the insured is required to consult for medication, treatment and confinement. The problem with this type of individual health insurance program is that it is restricted by the accessibility of
health care experts.

The new form of HMO permits the insured to get medical attention from health care specialists and health centers that are non-affiliates to them, the insured is entitled to some form of payment due to this.

Individual-based health insurance schemes offer the insured a sure deal that ensures the majority of his requirements are met. With this mode, the insured procures the individual health
insurance program straight from the provider. The insured in this individual health insurance program is the person who selects what to be covered for.

Contrary to the personal health insurance program, there is a group insurance policy. A simple one provides cover that includes medical costs of most people, other than a single person. This group health insurance policy covers a few people eligible for it regardless of their respective physical condition and age.

The drawback of group health insurance policy as opposed to individual based health insurance plan is that it is not personalized, and the person covered by it receives a similar policy as everyone in the company. This kind of health
insurance program denies the insured the liberty to exclude or include.

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