Health Savings Accounts: Are They Worth It?

Health Savings Accounts: Are They Worth It?

The cost of health care in America today is something that is on all of our minds. The costs of insurance policies are rising at a rate much higher than inflation forcing everyone to rethink
health care funding and benefits.

Most of us today, who hold a health care policy, get it through our employers. However, many of them are now feeling the pinch as the cost for insurance steadily rises.

Large businesses and corporations pay out a huge amount of money every year to their employee’s health plans while less than half of the small businesses in America can afford to offer any health coverage at all.

The health Savings accounts were designed to offset these expenses. The advantages were to hit both sides. The employee would have to have a high deductible savings account. This would then mean lower monthly premiums to be covered by the employer.

The employee would receive a tax credit on the money put in plus greater control on how to increase the worth.
Health savings accounts could also be used as future investments. After the age of 65, the account holders could use the funds for whatever they wished without penalty.

The health savings account was supposed to make account holders shop for less expensive health care. They were less likely to do this while an insurance policy covered all expenses.
However, there is some controversy on whether this has worked.

Some argue that Citizens are not ready to make decisions such as this. They don’t know how to shop around for doctors or health providers and have no idea what is economical and what isn’t. The consumer does not have access to enough information about the medical world to be able to make a good economic choice. They may end up paying far too much or far too little.

The Health Savings account could create another problem area. While many are out trying to find the best medical care for the best price, they may totally neglect preventative care. Without
good preventative care, long term illness rates could increase and end up costing insurance companies much more over the long term.

A health savings account does offer lots of advantages. They have helped many people gain a greater amount of control over their medical expenses. However, things do need to be considered carefully. For this scheme to work consumers need access to information regarding costs. Preventative care also must be given great consideration.

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