What is Facebook and how does it work?

Created in 2004, Facebook is a social network that helps people find friends and form relationships as well as the ability to contact others through messenger and Facebook to share their thoughts ideas and photos with the family members around the world.

Facebook is unique in that it collects testimonials and reviews it engages with audiences takes advantage of the news feed ad placement it also asks the audience for feedback you can use Facebook for advertisements, blogs, and business purposes. Reference: www.quora.com/Can-Facebook-help-you-start-a-successful-business

Facebook is different than so many other social media websites because there is so much that can be done on Facebook.

Its eight most popular features

  1. Find people to connect with in a variety of diverse ways (“Social Media 101”)
  2. Get the latest updates from top brands and celebrities” (“Social Media 101”)
  3. Share news with your connections through text, pictures, videos, and more
  4. Keep the discussion going with “likes” and comments
  5. Use chat and messaging features to talk to people directly
  6. Get some face time with video chat
  7. Join groups of people who enjoy the same things that you do
  8. Organize events in real life

Reference: What Is Facebook and How Does It Work? – TechBoomers.com

So, what is the difference between

Facebook and Twitter?

Now Twitter is an entirely different rodeo. Primarily Twitter is used for creating short posts and engaging in personal, professional, and news-related topics. Many businesses utilize Twitter as a promotional tool.

The thing about Twitter is you can only use under 240 characters in “what is happening field” and then click tweet. Along with tweets there are a lot of hashtags some do not even make good sense but still yet they are posted.

Also, Twitter ads works on a bidding system in other words there are no set costs and whoever pays the most for the ads are the ones that get their ads seen most. Now with Monday’s attention when running an ad or posting a tweet on Twitter then it is only seen for 16 minutes before it is buried under thousands of other ads. Remember the most money gets the ads first!

Celebrities love Twitter so that they can keep their fans updated whatever the heck is going on in their lives. Furthermore, Twitter it is good for keeping everyone updated on the news and what is happening in the world. Companies such as WordPress, the president of the United States Biden and Kamala Harris all tweet on Twitter AND MANY MORE.

Here are some quotes concerning

Is TWITTER Good or Bad?”

“But what I have noticed is the quality of this kind of Twitter traffic is bad. Twitter users do not interact with my content a lot and the opt-in rate are miserable.

You must pump out tons of content repeatedly. Therefore, I do not recommend Twitter if your goal is to constantly generate a lot of quality traffic to your blogging website.

From my perspective, Twitter should only be used as a channel to provide additional content to your audience like live trading signals, surveys, fun stuff, or proverbs.”

Source: Ingmar Folk Company: CoinFlip Trading ConsultFounderWebsite: https://coin-flip-trading.com/

“What an interesting question! 

Here is my answer: twelve. With all the focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter can be overlooked as a primary social media tool for marketers.

Even if Twitter is not the number one social media platform for your business, Twitter offers benefits as a secondary social media marketing tool.

Twitter is (too) heavily regulated.

  1. “As an expert in the Social Media industry with over 12 years of expertise, I can say that Twitter is too heavily regulated. Their compliance requirements for both vendors and individuals are becoming a burden; with CCPA and GDPR more and more users opt-out to use Reddit, TikTok, Instagram Stories as their main outlet so they avoid being censored and /or penalized.”


Social Media Expert Discusses the Pros and Cons of Twitter Marketing

Six simple tips to improve your business’s presence on the site:

  1. “Like with any social media platform, marketing through Twitter does not have a one-size-fits-all strategy that will guarantee your success.

Before bringing Twitter into your social media marketing strategy, consider whether or not your business has an evolving message to get out, if you want to have an active, fast-paced discourse with customers, or if your target audience is active on Twitter.

If the answer to these questions is yes, Twitter could be a wonderful place to expand your outreach.

  1. I would not recommend using Twitter marketing if most of your audience is not on Twitter, your field is not on Twitter, or if you do not have a community presence there.

Six tips for effective Twitter marketing:

  1. When planning content, stay on top of holidays and upcoming events. Many of them have common and recurring hashtags, like #MayThe4th
  2. Let daily trending topics influence off-the-cuff posting. If you are a local business, use local trends rather than national.
  3. Have a standard hashtag that customers can use to get your attention. (And follow it!)
  4. Do Twitter-exclusive giveaways of your product, like ColourPop does.
  5. Search and engage with people talking about your business, even if they are not tagging you. People post on Twitter to be seen and they want to feel special!
  6. Be casual and have fun – Twitter is not as formal a space as other networks. It’s a good site to be transparent and impactful with your tone and messaging.”

Source: Meara McNitt Social Media Strategist Company: Online Optimism

Website: onlineoptimism.com

Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter

  1. “I think that using Twitter can be pointless if you’re a business owner, at least for me. It is great for marketers, but I do not think there is much that I can do there as a business owner and company CEO. (“The Best 115 Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter in 2021”)
  2. The first reason is that there are so many fake accounts and bots that I do not even know whose followers are real anymore. (“The Best 115 Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter in 2021”) I do not know if someone has real followers or thousands of bots – it is just numbers.
  3. The second reason is that it is pointless for B2B audiences. It is just a bunch of marketers spamming each other. All the real decision-makers are on LinkedIn and not wasting time on Twitter.”

Related: If you are not familiar with Twitter, here is information on how to use the LinkedIn homepage.

Source: Full name – Adam Hempenstall Title and company – CEO and Founder of Better Proposals Website – https://betterproposals.io/

SOURCE ON ALL COMMENTS: The Best 115 Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter in 2021 (mostlyblogging.com)

Now I personally like Facebook the best because of their business setup and the many things one can do on their site. They are a unique company like no one anywhere else and have been from start up.

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